In 1764, St. Louis was established along the west bank of the Mississippi River. Pierre Laclede selected this site because of the relationship to the Missouri River, Illinois River, and Meramec River. Over the years, the topography of the rivers has changed due to floods. Maps have chronicled many of these changes.

The French and Spanish land grants are diagramed on some maps, with the names of the first property owner. Other maps diagram the plantations and farms of the settlers from Virginia and Germany. The French brought the land measurement “arpents” to the area, with some maps showing these long, narrow strips of ground.

Maps that are more recent provide the location of schools, churches, and parks. Ward maps provide clues for the location of the World War I draft boards. The ward maps also provide clues for locating voter registration records. NEW ON STLGS: Click here for a PDF of ward maps from 1830 to 1880 census years. The Society has a CD available with ward maps for most presidential election years from 1908 through 1952. Click here for more information. A map showing St. Louis neighborhoods can be found at History of St. Louis Neighborhoods.

In any era, maps show the names of the neighbors, who may have been related to your ancestor. Maps are valuable resources for every genealogist.

Additional Map Information

History of St. Louis Neighborhoods


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