St. Louis has many good libraries and archives for genealogists. The History and Genealogy Department at St. Louis County Library Headquarters and the St. Louis Public Library have excellent genealogical collections.

The Missouri History Museum Library and Research Center specializes in early Missouri and St. Louis history. It has a library and archival facility with many original documents.

The Mercantile Library also has a library and archives, housed on the University of Missouri-St. Louis campus, with emphasis on St. Louis history and an outstanding art and rare books collection. Two unique collections deal with the history of railroads and rivers.

The Western Historical Manuscript Collection is located in the Thomas Jefferson Library on the campus of the University of Missouri-St. Louis. This collection is a branch of the State Historical Society of Missouri based in Columbia, Missouri.

Religious Archives and Libraries

The St. Louis Catholic Archdiocese has an archival facility; however, most of their records are available on microfilm in the History and Genealogy Department at St. Louis County Library Headquarters.

Eden Seminary houses the archival collection for the former Evangelical and Reformed Church now called the United Church of Christ, and Concordia Seminary is the repository for Lutheran records.

Many books and maps on Jewish genealogy, including a comprehensive set of Yizkor books, can be found in the History and Genealogy Department at St. Louis County Library Headquarters. The archives for Jewish records in St. Louis is located at the Brodsky Library on the campus of the Jewish Community Center.

Military Related Archives

Military-related archives are at the National Archives in St. Louis (National Military Personnel Records Center).

The former military hub of St. Louis, Jefferson Barracks, has a wonderful history. You can learn more about Jefferson Barracks in their museum, bookstore, and Friends of Jefferson Barracks organization. The Missouri Civil War Museum and Archives is also located on the Jefferson Barracks grounds.

The Civilian Conservation Corps museum and archives is located in St. Louis County on the grounds of Jefferson Barracks.

Local Historical Societies

Some local historical societies have archival holdings pertaining to their communities. To review their records, make an appointment with a historical society representative.

University Libraries

St. Louis University, Washington University, and the University of Missouri each have a full library with a history department that is beneficial to genealogists. St. Louis University and Washington University have law libraries that can also be of assistance to genealogists.

Further information is available on some of these facilities within this website.

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