StLGS German Special Interest Group (G-SIG)

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The St. Louis Genealogical Society German Special Interest Group focuses on teaching family history research, providing genealogy classes, and research opportunities. We welcome those interested in researching their German-speaking ancestors from the Second German Empire or earlier German states, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Switzerland, and any other German-speaking enclave. We host four German genealogy meetings annually. These are supplemented by several German-specific classes yearly as part of St. Louis Genealogical Society’s ongoing education program.

StLGS and the G-SIG also periodically sponsor a nationally-recognized German genealogist as speaker at the society’s bi-annual Speaker Series event. Both G-SIG and StLGS provide suggestions to St. Louis County Library for expansion of their large German genealogy collection. G-SIG is instrumental in StLGS’s efforts to collect, preserve, and publish genealogical and historical records.

For details or information about the German SIG, contact Carol Whitton, G-SIG coordinator, at

International German Genealogical Partnership, IGGP

The German SIG of St. Louis Genealogical Society is a member of the International German Genealogical Partnership (IGGP). Partner societies in IGGP include more than 100 individual German Genealogy Societies in the U.S., Germany, and several other countries. For more information on this organization, German Genealogical activities, and bi-annual U.S. German Genealogy Conferences visit

German Research Websites

When you are ready to start researching your German ancestors, you will find many online resources. For an annotated list of some of the better websites, click here.

The Germans in St. Louis

German settlement in St. Louis began in the early 1800s and accelerated throughout the nineteenth century. For the past 150 years, Germans have played an enormous part in the history of St. Louis. For more information on their role in the St. Louis metropolitan area, click here.

2019 Schedule of StLGS German-Special Interest Group

Co-sponsored by St. Louis County Library, meetings are held in the auditorium of the County Library Headquarters. Meetings run from 7 p.m. to 8:45 p.m., with doors opening at 6:45.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019Finding Your German Ancestor in Emigration and Immigration Lists

Emigration and immigration lists might reveal the ancestral hometown of your family. Learn how to research in these seldom-used resources.

Featured Speaker: Dan Lilienkamp

Wednesday, 19 June 2019German Parish Registers in Archion and Matricula

Archion online has German Protestant records; Matricula online has Austrian and German Catholic records. Learn how to use each.

Featured Speaker: Carol Whitton, CG

Wednesday, 18 September 2019Using Deutsches Geschlechterbuch and Deutesche Familienarchive

Deutsches Geschlechterbuch (German Lineage Book) and Deutsches Familienarchive (German Family Archives) are standard sources for German genealogical research, but using them can be a challenge if one does not know the language. Get an overview of these publications and tips for finding and interpreting information.

Featured Speaker: Scott Holl


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