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Many young children attended school while living in the City of St. Louis. Some attended public schools; others attended private or parochial schools. By 1909, school attendance was mandatory for children between ages 8 and 14 years. A 6-hour school day was required.

School records may provide new clues for the family historian. Genealogists may request a copy of a school transcript. The former student must make the request in writing or a direct relative may make a request accompanied by a copy of the former student’s death certificate.

School Yearbooks

Yearbooks provide a glimpse of our ancestors as they attended and finished their education at the high school and university levels. A yearbook photo may be the only photo from that period of their life.

St. Louis libraries have numerous high school and university yearbooks, often donated by their patrons. The State Historical Society in Columbia has a very large yearbook collection, including many from St. Louis. Also, check with the Missouri History Society Library and Research Center.

St. Louis Public School Records

St. Louis Public School
801 N. 11th St.
St. Louis, Missouri 63101

Another category was schools for children with special needs. The Blind Girls’ Home and the Deaf and Dumb School are just two examples.

By 1942, many day schools cared for children of working women. Often religious organizations established these facilities.

  • Day Nursery of the United Hebrew Charities
  • Sacred Heart Day Nursery
  • Salvation Army Day Nursery
  • St. Stephen’s House Day Nursery
  • South Side Day Nursery


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