Part of the Mission of the St. Louis Genealogical Society is to provide educational guidance on how to research your family history.

Discover How to Research your Family History

As with most pursuits, there is a “right way” and many “wrong ways” to conduct genealogical research. Many beginning researchers pass up once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, gather incorrect information, or fail to note where they received the information they do collect, simply because they do not know some of the basic methods of genealogical research. The wealth of data on the Internet (some of it accurate and wonderful, and some of it inaccurate and easily disproved) makes it especially easy for novice genealogists to simply “collect the wrong people.”

Presenters are Available for your Meeting

The Society’s Speakers’ Bureau offers trained, competent, experienced genealogists to deliver a lecture presentation to your organization on how to get started researching your family history. Typically, such a presentation will be approximately one hour in length, with additional time devoted to answering questions. Other topic presentations may be available. Please contact the Society for information if you have a special genealogy topic of interest to your organization.

How to Request a Presentation

The Society requests a  donation to the St. Louis Genealogical Society for this service.

To schedule a speaker for your organization, please contact our office at 314-647-8547, or by e-mail at

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