What Program Should I Buy?

Perhaps one of the most common technology questions we receive at our office (or at our meetings) is, “What genealogy software program should I buy?”

While this question is easy to ask, it can have many answers. Usually the answer begins with, “That depends . . .”

Programs at the StLGS Office

There are many genealogical database programs available of a variety of computing environments, including programs available for the Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems other than what we have at the office.

To help you in reaching a decision that is best for your needs, the Society has the following genealogical software programs installed on its classroom Windows computers:

  • Family Tree Maker 2010
  • Legacy v. 7.4 (2008)
  • RootsMagic v. 3.4.4 (2008)

At this time, the Society does not have a computer running the Apple OSX or Linux operating system.

Usually there is a volunteer in the office with knowledge of Reunion 10 or 11 for the Mac.

Try Before You Buy

Visitors to the office should request assistance from our office staff to look at any of these genealogy programs. If you like, you may bring your own family history data (by creating a GEDCOM file on a flash drive from your home computer) into the office to load into any of these programs. That way you can see how they operate on family data that is familiar to you.
Last modified: 30-Jun-2016 08:21