The 1905 Atlas of St. Louis provides an overview of the entire city, street by street and house by house. This publication is in ten volumes plus the street index to guide you to the correct volume. The city block numbers are also included on the map.

Each page list a few streets with the property lines indicated for each household or business. The name of the property owner is listed on the map. When property sold, a cover sheet was glued to the original page indicating the new property owner. These cover sheets are not dated.

To successfully use this map set, it is necessary to know the street address of your ancestor in 1905. This information may be located in a city directory or perhaps it is the same address indicated on the 1900 or 1910 census.

In the front of each volume, a map shows the block numbers for that particular section of the city. It is then easy to turn to the correct page.

This map provides drawings of streets that no longer exist due to road expansion or development. For example, the streets removed for the Arch grounds are clearly outlined on this map.

This publication is available in the History and Genealogy Department at St. Louis County Library Headquarters.

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