If you have admired colorful fan charts that showcase several generations of direct-line ancestors, you will want to take a look at the newest print service St. Louis Genealogical Society is offering. You can get a full-color seven or nine-generation fan chart, suitable for framing, by just submitting a GEDCOM file. Think about what wonderful gifts, to yourself or your family, these charts will make!

The fan charts come in two sizes:

  • Seven generation chart, 24″ wide and 18″ tall, full color
  • Nine-generation chart, 36″ wide and 24″ tall, either full color or black and white

You can order the charts with family information included or left blank so you can hand-write your own names and dates.

For a copy of the fan chart booklet with complete instructions, please click here.

Fan ChartNine-generation fan chart (framed by owner)

Steps to follow for ordering your chart:

  1. Create your GEDCOM file. (Complete directions are in the Fan Chart booklet. Download the PDF file above.)
  2. If you are in St. Louis, call for an appointment (314-647-8547). Bring your GEDCOM file to the StLGS office on a flash/thumb drive and you can have your chart made while you wait.
  3. If you cannot come in person, you can order your chart and have it mailed. Download the registration booklet and pay for your chart; then send your GEDCOM via email to fanchart@stlgs.org.

Please note: At this time, we cannot accept online payment for charts; you must pay by mail or in person.



Last Modified: 11-Jun-2019 11:14