In honor of Missouri’s 200th birthday in 2021, St. Louis Genealogical Society initiated a St. Louis City/County Biographies project to honor former St. Louisans. The index is open to all; however, only St. Louis Genealogical Society members have access to the biographies. Become a Member button

This is an ongoing project. We encourage everyone to submit short biographies and accompanying photos of their St. Louis City/County ancestors. Would you like more information on this exciting project and complete instructions on how to submit your biographies and photos? Submit a Bio button

What if you want to contact the author of a biography? Send a note to our members’ research service, Ask Louie (, and one of our volunteers will contact the author, who can then contact you. You can to email Ask Louie.

Click on the appropriate letter range below to access the index. If you find a name of interest, click on the link in the last column to read the biography in which they are mentioned. Note that the main subjects of each biography are in the Surname column in all CAPS. A yes in the Images column indicates that photos or other images are included in the biography.

Remember, in order to see the actual biographies, you must be an StLGS member and log in.

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