Monthly Meetings

To obtain a flyer with this year’s monthly meetings and special events, click here.

The society’s monthly meetings are held in the auditorium at the St. Louis County Library Headquarters. Meetings are usually held on the second Saturday morning from 10:00 a.m.–12:00 noon throughout the year, except for April and December.

All society meetings are free and open to the public. Each meeting starts with announcements of upcoming society events, classes, website additions, and anything else that is new and of interest to genealogists. This is also the time for the History and Genealogy Department librarians to discuss books, databases, and coming events in their department. Audience members can then ask questions and share anecdotes of genealogical interest. An hour-long presentation by our featured speaker follows. Please check our calendar for the complete schedule of meeting times and topics.

Special Interest Groups

The Society hosts four Special Interest Groups, each of which meets independently. All Special Interest Group meetings are held at the St. Louis County Library and are free and open to the public. Check each Special Interest Group page on this website for meeting times and topics.

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets at the Society office at least four times a year and usually more often. Click here for the dates of the meetings. Any Society member in good standing may attend the Society’s Board meetings. Members may not participate in the meetings, however, unless previous arrangements have been made (e.g., for a presentation or specific discussion) or unless invited to do so by the Board.
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