Local and state libraries, as well as the Library of Congress, have microfilm of St. Louis newspapers. The State Historical Society in Columbia, Missouri, is the state newspaper repository. They have the largest collection of St. Louis newspapers.

The Missouri Historical Society has necrology scrapbooks, which contain obituaries, death notices, and probate announcements clipped from St. Louis newspapers, circa 1880–1970s.

The first known St. Louis newspaper was the Missouri Gazette, with the first available issue dated 26 July 1808. The most popular St. Louis German newspapers for genealogical research are Anzeiger des Westens and Westliche Post.

Researchers should check the various library catalogs for further information on their newspaper collections and their research policies.

St. Louis County Library History and Genealogy Dept.


St. Louis Public Library


Missouri Historical Society


Mercantile Library


State Historical Society of Missouri

St. Louis Newspapers

Abend-Anzeiger, 1863–1912

Abend Schule, 1854–1940

Amerika, (German) 1872–1924

Anzeiger des Westens, (German) 1835–1912

Arbeiter Zeitung, 1898–1912

Beacon, 1829–1832

Carondelet News, 1900–1935

Chronicle, 1880–1905

Daily Missouri Democrat, April 1853–December 1853

Enquirer, 1815–1829

Free Press, (Jewish) 6 March 1885–25 November 1887

Herald, 1852–1876

Herold des Glaubens, 1850–1920

Jefferson Barracks Gazette

Jewish Light, 1947–current

Jewish Tribune, 29 August 1879–17 June 1881

Journal, 1857–1876 / 1895–1908

Missouri Democrat, 1852–1875

Missouri Gazette, 1808–1822

Missouri Republican News, 1822–1919

Naborhood Link News, 1930–1969

News, 1852–1867 / 1898–1908

Patriote et le Phare des Lac, 1878–1887

Post, 1846–1847 (weekly)

Przewodnik Polski, 1899–1920 (weekly)

Randschau, 1880–1895 (weekly)

Register, 1821–1957 (weekly)

Republic, 1836–1919

Reveille, 1941–current (daily & weekly)

Revue de l’Ouest, 1854–1865 (weekly)

Star, 1884–1905 / 1908–1932

St. Louis Argus, (African-American) 1912–current

St. Louis Catholic Review, 1941–current (weekly)

St. Louis Countian, 1951–1985

St. Louis Daily Globe, 1872–1875

St. Louis Daily Times, 1867–1879

St. Louis Daily Record, 1890–1985

St. Louis Democrat, 1842–1875 (Daily Missouri Democrat)

St. Louis Dispatch, 1864–1878

St. Louis Evening Post, 1878

St. Louis Globe-Democrat, 1875–1986

St. Louis Paladium, (African-American) 1903–1907

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1878–current

St. Louis Star-Times, 1885–1951

St. Louis Weekly Reveille, 1844–1846

South Side Journal,

Tageblatt, 1888-1898

Times, 1866–1881 (weekly)

Times, 1895–1932

Tribucie, 1869–1871 / 1880–1897 (weekly)

Union, 1846–1867

Volksstimme des Westens, 1877–1880

Watchmen Advocate, 1881–1985

Westliche Post, 1857–1938

Inaugural Edition of the St. Louis Star, 1904


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