Classes for Spring 2023

In-person classes at the St. Louis Genealogical Society office are now available to both members and non-members of St. Louis Genealogical Society. Classes are free to StLGS members and $30 for non-members. Classes are are also livestreamed via Zoom, but the Zoom presentations and digital recordings are for StLGS members only. If you are not already a member and want to attend a class (or view a recording), join us today to get access to these classes and many other member benefits.

You may register for as many classes as you like, but please only register for each class once. (StLGS Members: If you have are registering for a Zoom class but are not logged into the website as a member, you will be re-directed to the login, so be sure you log in first.)

Classes are from 1:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. (Central Time); in-person classes are at the StLGS office in Maplewood.

If you want to attend a class at our office, register online below by clicking the red button, or phone in during office hours (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. until noon, Central time) at 314-647-8547.

If you prefer to attend a class via Zoom, use the blue button below. Your invitation for participating in a livestreamed class will be emailed to you when you register and then again a day before and an hour before the class is scheduled.



Date Class Instructor
Saturday, 17 June
Finding an Ancestor’s Land at the Bureau of Land Management Website and in Plat Maps
Ilene Murray
Poles, rods, chains, townships, sections, and ranges––land surveys can be very confusing! Once you’ve mastered the measurements, however, there’s a vast amount of information waiting for you to discover. We will take a look at how to understand and use the rich collection available online at the BLM website as well as how to use and interpret plat maps.
Saturday, 22 July
Uncovering the Taeguk: How to Research Korean War Records
Thomas Richardson
Sandwiched between WWII and the ongoing wars in Indochina, the conflict in Korea is often overlooked. However, as the seventieth anniversary approaches, interest in the records the war generated is growing. Learn where to look for those records, what is online vs. what is not, and how to interpret military and government jargon found on them. Discover how to navigate NARA’s new online catalog, its websites, and its Accessible Archive Database (AAD) as well as how to request records that may have been impacted by the 1973 NPRC fire.
Saturday, 19 August
Citations: You Hate Them, but You Need Them!
Carol Whitton, CG
Citations can be the bane of a genealogist’s life, but without them, our work remains unfinished. Learn the pitfalls of having no citations and how you can simplify the process of creating them. We will work on strategies for preparing ahead, determining what the basic parts of a citation are, and making templates by copying and pasting. It’s a lot easier than you imagine!


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