This map shows the boundaries of the St Louis County Township boundaries for the US Census years. Select the desired year for the list below.

These boundaries are approximate and should not be used for legal purposes.

For help using the map, visit Map Help below.

Map Help

  • To view a particular Census year pull down the selection list and the map will change.
  • To determine which Township a point falls in, you can move the mouse over the polygons or zoom into the street level and click on a point.
  • Do so by using the scroll wheel on your mouse.
  • Alternatively, you can click on the plus/minus icons on the bottom right of the map.
  • Clicking the little broken square in the upper right of the map enters full screen, which will also enlarge the map.
  • Once the icons are clearly visible, if you click on a specific icon, you will see the name and address of the congregation at that location.
  • Click on the name link to go to the page on our website for that congregation.
  • To exit the full screen, just press the Escape (ESC) key on the upper far left of your keyboard.

Last Modified: 13-Dec-2022 10:34