Over the years, several contributors shared news articles with the St Louis Genealogical Society and its members. The materials from seven sources were combined:


  • A. St. Louis Globe-Democrat, 11 March 1887 (unattributed)
  • B. St. Louis a Hundred Years Ago, St. Louis Globe-Democrat of 1890
  • C. Social Notes from the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, 21 September 1890
  • D. A Day in the Life of St. Louis, St. Louis Chronicle, 9 August 1899 (unattributed)
  • E. St. Louis News from Home, 1918–1922, contributed by Julie Chitwood
  • F. St. Louis Watchman-Advocate, 1881–1882, 1893
  • G. St. Louis Globe-Democrat, 25 November 1874, contributed by Lorraine C. Wodraska Cates & Alice Byington Tucker.

Except as noted above, Virginia Guinther contributed this information, transcribing the data from the newspapers listed above. The articles were printed in St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume over several years.

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