Missouri Republican Death Notices, 1849
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Missouri Republican Death Notices, 1849

The Missouri Republican newspaper usually reported five or six deaths a week. In July 1849, reported deaths numbered nearly 150. This number was only about five percent of the actual deaths. By August, the plague had started to subside.

This list was transcribed from the Missouri Republican newspaper. Microfilm of this newspaper is available at Missouri Historical Society and the State Historical Society of Missouri in Columbia.

If you are trying to find verification of your ancestor’s death in 1849, check the 1850 Missouri Mortality Federal Census Schedule.

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This list was published in the 1978 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 11, number. 3, pages 67–71.

The Missouri Republican Death Notices, Jul 1849

Showing records 1 to 20 of 146.

Allen, George H. 10 Jul 1849 Funeral from residence, 7th between Franklin and Wash.
Ashdown, Mary Ann Nesham 10 Jul 1849 Daughter of the late William age 21y 11m. Funeral from residence of late father, Pine-3rd-4th.
Ashdown, William A. 7 Jul 1849 Age 44, native of England, ''devoted husband and affectionate father.''
Atkinson, Hester 27 Jul 1849 Consort of John age 48.
Axtell, Hannah Mary 10 Jul 1849 Daughter of Thomas R. and Electa Jane died age 1y 20d.
Balmer, Ernest A. 24 Jul 1849 Died at the residence of Mrs. Elizabeth Balmer in 23rd y.
Bascom, Arminda Viola 26 Jul 1849 Daughter of J. D. and Frances Ann.
Bassett, Susan A. 20 Jul 1849 Wife of P. T. and daughter or the late Isaiah Bray of Yarmouth, Mass. died in her 39th year.
Bay, Harriet Mansfield 22 Jul 1849 Second daughter of the late S. M. and Virginia, age 4 years 5 months 12 days.
Belt, Mary Catherine 23 Jul 1849 No data except funeral at same time as above.
Billins, Lucy Ann 3 Jul 1849 Wife of Samuel died age 31.
Boverie, Jule A. 19 Jul 1849 Age 11.
Bradford, Alice 10 Jul 1849 Daughter of John and Francis died in her 6th year.
Brant, Sarah Benton 7 Jul 1849 Youngest daughter of Col. J. B. Brant. Residence Washington & 4th Sts.
Brown, Henry 27 Jul 1849 Son of J. M. and Louis age 21 months.
Buchanan, Catherine Craig 25 Jul 1849 Daughter of George, Esq. age 10 days.
Buchanan, Mary C. 20 Jul 1849 Wife of George and daughter of Edward Barry, Esq. In 39th y.
Burroughs, Hannah F. 7 Jul 1849 Wife of James -- '' devoted wife, kind mother, exemplary Christian.''
Butler, Patricia, Sister 17 Jul 1849 Native of Ireland, a Sister of Charity.
Byrne, Gregory 3 Jul 1849 Died of consumption in his 42nd year. Funeral from his residence, 100 Collins, corner of Biddle. New York and New Orleans newspapers please copy.

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