There are a number of unique genealogical reference materials that are maintained in the St. Louis Genealogical Society office. All of these materials are available to the public at our office during our regular office hours.

Four-Generation Charts

Since its inception, the Society has encouraged members to submit four generation charts of their ancestors. An index to these charts is available here. The charts must be searched in the office.

Cemetery Records

The Society has published many cemetery records in its series of CD products. Additional records are available at the office for these cemeteries:

  • Bellerive
  • Bellefontaine
  • Bethany
  • Bethelem
  • Concordia
  • Concordia Ledger
  • Elm Lawn
  • Father Dickson
  • FeeFee
  • Friedens
  • Gatewood
  • Greenwood
  • Holy Ghost
  • Lake Charles
  • Lakewood
  • LaSalle
  • Laurie Hill
  • Manchester United Methodist
  • Memorial Park
  • Mt. Lebanon
  • Nazareth Home
  • Necroligism
  • New Mt. Sinai
  • New Pickers
  • Oakdale
  • Oakhill
  • Odd Fellows
  • Ohave Shelom
  • Old Redeemer
  • Park Lawn
  • Pilgrim
  • St. John’s Lutheran
  • St. Marcus (including Old and New St. Marcus)
  • St. Matthew
  • St. Paul Lutheran
  • St. Paul Churchyard
  • St. Peters
  • St. Trinity
  • Salam Blackjack
  • Sunset
  • Valhalla
  • Washington Park
  • Wesleyan
  • Zion

Funeral Home Records

The Society has a collection of records from many St. Louis area funeral homes:

  • Bopp
  • Bucholz
  • Smith & Croghan
  • Croghan
  • Hilleman
  • J. B. Smith
  • Mittelberg
  • Parker
  • Parker-Aldrich
  • Pfitzinger
  • Roberts
  • Schrader
  • Schumaher
  • Witt

Church Records

The Society has a collection of records from some St. Louis area Churches:

  • Tabernacle Baptist
  • St. Trinity
  • Manchester Trinity Methodist
  • St. John’s Lutheran
  • Independent Evangelistic
  • Carondelet Evangelistic
  • Christ the King
  • Ebenezer Lutheran
  • German Evangelistic Zion
  • Parkway United Church of Christ
  • Hope United Church of Christ
  • Westminister Presbyterian

Sheet Maps

Our major map collection is housed at the St. Louis County Library. The Society does hold a small collection of sheet maps at the office.
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