Background Information

St. Louis Genealogical Society has published a journal for its members since 1968. In 2008, volunteers began the massive job of scanning and indexing forty years of the St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly journal, from 1968 through 2007. Volunteers scanned the journal into PDF files and burned them onto CDs, which are still for sale at the StLGS store.

All of these PDFs and the indexes to them are available on this page. In addition, subsequent years, 2009 through 2018, are now available as well. Please Note: The indexes are open to everyone; however, only StLGS members can access the actual files.

StLGS members can save any of these files to their computers. Once they are saved, pages in them can be printed. If you wish to have a print (paper) copy of any article, you may obtain it by visiting our society office, by visiting any library that has the society’s Quarterlies, or by mailing a request to our office together with a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) and payment of 25¢ per page (minimum order of $1.00).

Using the Indexes to Access Articles

At this time, we are working at updating all of the Quarterly indexes. Until that very large job is completed, we are offering the newest volumes as unindexed PDFs.

Volume 52: 2019
Volume 53: 2020
Volume 54: 2021
Volume 55: 2022

The following links will help you to access the St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly journal you are seeking. If you are a member of StLGS, each link on an index page will take you to a year’s worth of journals. Be sure to jot down the volume and page you need and note that these are large files.

Author: Use this index to find to all articles in volumes 1–51, arranged by author.

Subject Index: Use this index to find articles in volumes 1–51, arranged by subject.

Surname Index: Use this index to find surnames mentioned in volumes 1–51. NOTE: This Surname Index is 102,000+ entries long.

Title: Use this index to find all articles in volumes 1–51, arranged by title.

Vol/Page: Use this index to browse all articles in volumes 1–55, arranged by the volume and page.

Because the Quarterlies contain cover pages, and some volumes also have inserts that are included in these PDF files, the page numbers within the files do not correspond exactly to the page numbers of the actual Quarterlies. To help make finding your articles easier, you may want to use a table we have created that provides a listing of the page numbers for each StLGS Quarterly volume and its corresponding PDF file. Click here to go to the table of Page Numbers.

Citing Your Source

Any information republished from any article in these StLGS Quarterly journals should be cited appropriately so you and others can always find it again. Here is a sample citation:

Author first name, last,”Title of article,” St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly volume number, (Month, year): page numbers.

Robert E. Parkin, “François Lacombe (1766–1811) and Sarah Voorhies (1768–1825),” St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly 48 (Winter 2015–2016): 105–112.

A Note on Copyright

Copyright law in America is rather complex, and this summary is certainly not to be construed as a primer on this law. However, a brief overview of copyright may be of value in understanding some of the content on these pages.

  • Anything published before 1 January 1978 (Quarterly volumes 1–10) is in the public domain and may be republished without obtaining the author’s consent.
  • Anything published between 1 January 1978 and 1 March 1989 (Quarterly volumes 11–21) that did not contain an explicit copyright notice is not copyrighted by the author and may be republished without obtaining the author’s consent.
  • Anything published after 1 March 1989 (Quarterly volumes 22–51) is automatically protected by copyright law. For these articles, copyright remains with the author and the society must obtain the author’s consent to republish their article(s).

Accordingly, the society made a diligent effort to contact every author of every article in volumes 22–40 of the Quarterly. We were successful in obtaining permission from the vast majority of these authors. Unfortunately, despite our best attempts, we were unable to contact some of the authors or members of their families. For this reason, these articles are blocked on these PDF files with the following note:

“This article is not available. Permission to display not received from copyright holder. You may contact StLGS to order a print copy.”


The society is indebted to the following editors of the Quarterly, without whose diligent effort there would be no journal to index:

Robert Parkin 1968–1976
Maryhelen Wilson 1977–1993
Joyce Mercer 1994–2000
Pam Porter 2001
Marci Donovan 2001–2002
Ilene Murray 2003
Laura Balluff Mackinson 2004–2008
Venita Archer Lake 2009–2016
Laura Balluff Mackinson and Jane Theissen 2016–Current

Throughout this period, there have been four Ten-Year Indexes to the Quarterly as well as indexes to many individual volumes. These efforts, which formed the basis for this cumulative index, were developed by these society volunteers:

  • Index to Volumes 1–10: Compiled by Lorraine C. Cates, with assistance from Anthony Genovese, Mary Berthold, Walter Hinkle, Ruby Henrick, Lillian Hubbell.
  • Index to Volumes 11–20: Compiled by Ed Mochel, based on individual indexes prepared by George Wilson. Edited by Shirley Schuldt.
  • Index to Volumes 21–30: Compiled by Audrey Flavin, Ed Mochel, George Wilson, with assistance from Audrey Cross, John Cross, Ann Fleming, Bill Gonz, Marie Holtz, Ralph Huther, Joyce Mercer, Emmet Kane, Bill Mason, Shirley Schuldt, Bob Smith, and Ted Steele. Edited by Ilene Murray.
  • Indexes to Volumes 31–40: Compiled by Carol McGee, Laura Balluff Mackinson, and Pat VonZerMuehlen.

The preparation of these files would not have been possible without the work of:

  • Ted Steele, for initiating and managing the project, scanning the Quarterlies and creating the indexes.
  • Diane Broniec, for thorough proofreading of the surname index for volumes 11–20.
  • Margie Giblin and Ilene Murray, for assistance in creating the Quarterly PDF files.
  • Bob Emnett, for developing numerous Excel macros used to compile the cumulative surname index.

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