Robert Funeral Home Records, 1893-1954
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Wm. J. Robert Livery and Undertaking Co.

The Wm. J. Robert Livery and Undertaking Co. funeral home was at 1905 S. Grand Boulevard in the City of St. Louis. The names presented here are transcribed from Society microfilm BM0125. The records microfilmed are only an index, containing names and years. The Society has no other records from this establishment. The years represented are 1893 through 1954.

The work was contracted by Society members Marjorie and Francis Northrup, who also assisted Abbie C. Bast in the microfilming effort. This work is dated 19 November 1991.

Showing records 1 to 20 of 5769.

Abadie, Julius 1918
Abbetmeier, Henry 1928
Abbetmeier, Hy. C. 1928
Abbott, Geo. A. 1923
Abby, Daniel 1917
Abby, Lucy 1926
Abel, Anna 1945
Abel, John 1939
Abel, John O. 1894
Abeln, George 1934
Abeln, Louisa 1903
Abeln, Regina 1903
Abrams, Juniata M. 1943
Ackermann, Annie 1917
Ackermann, Kate 1893
Adelmann, Marg. M. 1910
Adler, Herman J. 1925
Adler, Mary 1913
Adler, Peter 1917
Aegerter, Rose E. 1928

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