Earliest Landowners in Rock Hill, Missouri
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Rock Hill Landowners

The names of the Rock Hill early landowners were abstracted from the Dupré Atlas, which is available at most local libraries.

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This list was published in 1978 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 11, number 4, page 124.

Earliest Landowners in Rock Hill, Missouri

Showing records 1 to 20 of 53.

Adams, William
Benoist, Louis A.
Black, Samuel
Blackwell, L.
Blackwell, R. A.
Blackwell, R. H.
Boynton, Samuel H. Heirs of
Calvert, James
Clay, George
Cleary, Patrick
Clemens, Samuel Heirs of
Dallam, Wm. L.
Daniel, Micajah
DeLaurier, A. F.
Eades, G. O.
Edwards, Lewis
Edwards, Mons.
Fenton, Jesse
Fenton, Richard
Hammonds, F.

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