A cemetery name in blue has Members-Only data available.

JGS indicates data available to all courtesy of the former Jewish Genealogical Society of St. Louis.

Cemetery names in black have no information available at this time.

Some of the cemetery indexes were compiled by society volunteers from original records, and some were created by society volunteers walking the cemetery. Burials range mostly from the nineteenth century through the early 2000s. For more recent burial information, contact the cemetery in which you are interested. This index is your first step; always verify accuracy by looking up the original record. You should contact the cemetery or visit the cemetery to verify the accuracy.


Cemetery Location Area Type
Allen Cemetery 18530 Old Fox Creek Road Pacific Non-Denominational
Andrae Grave Old State Rd. south Manchester Ellisville Family
Antioch Baptist Cemetery 18319 Wildhorse Creek R0ad Chesterfield Baptist
Arminia Lodge Cemetery 13330 Olive Bouldevard Chesterfield Fraternal
Arsenal Island Cemetery Island in the Mississippi St. Louis City Non-Denominational
Assumption Catholic Cemetery 4725 Mattis School Road South County Catholic
Bacon Cabin Henry Avenue Ballwin Family
Bacon Family Graveyard 760 Woods Mill Road Manchester Family
Bacon Family Graveyard Deer Pointe Wildwood Family
Ballwin Missionary Baptist Cemetery 14483 Clayton Road Ballwin Baptist
Baptist Cemetery Lemp near Cherokee St. Louis City Baptist
Baptist Graveyard Franklin, Broadway, Washington St. Louis City Baptist
Barker Family Cemetery Barker Road Ballwin Family
Bartold Family Cemetery Manchester Road (Route 100) Wildwood Family
Bates Family Cemetery Babler Park Wildwood Family
Bates/Thornhill Cemetery 15185 Olive Blvd. – Faust Park Chesterfield Family
Baxter Lakes Cemetery Chesterfield Non-Denominational
Bayer/Kroenung Graveyard Olive Street Road Chesterfield Family
Beinke Family Graveyard Conestoga Trail Wildwood Family
Belger Cemetery 14769 Olive Boulevard Chesterfield Family
Bellefontaine Cemetery 4947 West Florissant Avenue St. Louis City Non-Denominational
Bellefontaine Methodist Cemetery 10600 Bellefontaine Road Bellefontaine Nhbrs</td Methodist
Bellerive Cemetery 740 N Mason Road Creve Coeur Non-Denominational
Bernard Cemetery Cliff Cave Road South County Non-Denominational
Bernard Family Cemetery 18552 Rieger Rd Wildwood Family
Beth Hamedrosh Cemetery JGS 9125 Ladue Road Ladue Jewish
Beth Shalom Cemetery 650 White Road Chesterfield Jewish
Bethany UCC Cemetery 6740 St. Charles Rock Road Wellston UCC
Bethel Methodist Cemetery 17500 Manchester Road Wildwood Methodist
Bethlehem Lutheran (New) 9650 Bellefontaine Road Bellefontaine Neighbors Lutheran
Bethlehem Lutheran (Old) 1093 Bittner Baden Lutheran
Bingham Fam Cemetery Morganford & Osceola St. Louis City Family
Blackjack Cemetery Blackjack Blackjack Unknown
Blum Family Cemetery Eatherton Road Wildwood Family
B’Nai Amoona Cemetery JGS 930 North & South Road University City Jewish
B’Nai El Cemetery 8430 Gravois Road Affton Jewish
Boisselier Cemetery See Bayer Kroenung Chesterfield Family
Bothe/Glaser Family Cemetery 800 Guy Park Road Wildwood Family
Bouquet Cemetery Bouquet Road Wildwood Family
Bowles Cemetery 776 Dennis Road Fenton Family
Bremen Saxon Cemetery Bellfontaine & Hornsby St. Louis City Unknown
Bridgeton Memorial Park 4616 Long Road Bridgeton Non-Denominational
Brockman Cemetery Manchester Road, between 109 & Clarkson Ellisville Family
Brouster-Link Family Graveyard Lindbergh & Dorsett Maryland Heights Family
Brown Cemetery Hwy. W south of Eureka Eureka Family
Brown Cemetery Cliff Cave Road South County Family
Buena Vista Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Bukowsky Graveyard Route 100, near Hollow Wildwood Family
Burns Cemetery North Outer Road to Lewis Road/ I-44 Eureka Family
Calvary Cemetery 5239 West Florissant Avenue St. Louis City Catholic
Camp Spring Jewish Cemetery Pratt & Cooper St. Louis City Jewish
Carondelet Catholic Cemetery Minnesota and Holly Hills St. Louis City Catholic
Carondelet Protestant Cemetery 3900 Mount Olive Road South County Protestant
Carrico Family Cemetery 13115 Spanish Pond Road North County Family
Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis 4431 Lindell Boulevard St. Louis City Catholic
Centaur Private Cemetery Unknown Wildwood Family
Centenary Methodist Cemetery See Wesleyan Cemetery St. Louis City Methodist
Central Cemetery See St. Martins Clayton Catholic
Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery (new) 650 White Road Chesterfield Jewish
Chesed Shel Emeth Cemetery (old) JGS 7570 Olive Boulevard University City Jewish
Chevra Kadisha Cemetery JGS 1601 North & South Road University City Jewish
Chinese Cemetery Olive University City Chinese
Christ Church Episcopal Chouteau east of California St. Louis City Episcopal
City Cemetery / Benton Park Arsenal near Jefferson St. Louis City Non-Denominational
City Cemetery / Rutger 7th & Rutger St. Louis City Non-Denominational
City / Quarantine Cemetery See Quarantine Cemetery Oakville Non-Denominational
City / Sublette Cemetery Macklind & Sublette St. Louis City
Cold Water Creek Cemetery 15290 Old Halls Ferry Road Blackjack Non-Denominational
Coleman Family Graveyard 800 Guy Park Wildwood Family
Coleman Family Graveyard 731 Spiceberry Wildwood Family
College Farm Graveyard Unknown Unknown Unknown
Columbarium Cemetery Unknown Unknown Non-Denominational
Compton Hill Church Lafayette & Compton St. Louis City Unknown
Concordia Cemetery 4205 Bates Street St. Louis City Lutheran
Conway Cemetery 14698 Conway Road Chesterfield Family
Cordell Family Cemetery Unknown Unknown Family
County Farm Cemetery Unknown Unknown Unknown
Crescent Cemetery 400 Allen Road Eureka Non-Denominational
Darby Cemetery 14619 Lake Trails/Ladue & Olive Chesterfield Family
Dasher Farm Cemetery Unknown Eureka Family
Daughters of Charity Cemetery 7662 Natural Bridge Road Normandy Catholic
Davis Cemetery Telegraph Road South County Family
Des Peres Presbyterian Cemetery 2255 North Geyer Road Frontenac Presbyterian
Dinsmore Family Burial Shepard Road Wildwood Family
Dorsett Cemetery on private property Maryland Heights Family
Doss Farm Cemetery Strecker Road Wildwood Family
Dreinhofer Family Cemetery 2472 Pond Road  Wildwood Family
Dunnavant Cemetery Summit Meadows Drive Fenton Family
Duvall Family Cemetery Manchester Road Ellisville Family
Eatherton Family Cemetery 16340 Centerville Court Wildwood Family
Ebenezer Cemetery  See Hope Cemetery Pacific African-American
Eberwein Family Graveyard Clover Ridge Drive Chesterfield Family
Eddie Family Cemetery 11839 Eddie & Park Road Crestwood Family
Eikoetter Graveyard Fairview Avenue Webster Groves Family
Eime Family Graveyard 9907 Sappington Sappington Family
Elert-Gruben Graveyard Highway 109 & Bent Ridge Wildwood Family
Elks Rest Graveyard Unknown Unknown Unknown
Elm Lawn Cemetery 2840 New Ballas Road Town & Country UCC
Emmanuel Episcopal Garden 9 South Bomparte Avenue Webster Groves Episcopal
Episcopalian Cemetery Northwest corner Park & Lamotte St. Louis City Episcopal
Erb Cemetery Regalway Drive off Ringer Road Oakville Family
Essen Family Graveyard Old Eatherton at Hardcastle Wildwood Family
Evangelical Lutheran Cem see Concordia Cemetery St. Louis City Lutheran
Evangelical Children’s Home Cemetery 8240 St. Charles Rock Road Overland UCC
Fahlbusch Farm Cemetert Unknown Wildwood Family
Family Cemetery (Elert) Hwy 109 & Bent Ridge Wildwood Family
Father Moses Dickson Cemetery 845 Sappington Road Crestwood African-American
Fee Fee Cemetery 11200 Old St. Charles Rock Road St. Ann Baptist
Fenton Methodist Cemetery Gravois Road Fenton Methodist
Fine Cemetery off Telegraph Road at Christ Church South County Family
Fine Family Graveyard Fine Road Ballwin Family
First Baptist Church Chesterfield Cemetery 16398 Chesterfield Airport Road Chesterfield African-American
First Baptist Church Wildwood See Dreinhofer Family Cemetery Wildwood Family
First Missionary Church Ballwin Cemetery See Ballwin Missionary Baptst Cemetery Ballwin African-American
First Protestant Congregation Broadway & Market (4th) St. Louis City Unknown
Forest Hill Cemetery St. Charles Rock Road west of Wellston Wellston Unknown
Fort Bellefontaine Cemetery Bellefontaine Road North County Non-Denominational
Fox Creek Graveyard near Old Fox Creek Road Wildwood Family
Franklin/Pratt Cemetery Unknown Unknown Family
French Burial Ground 7th at Mercantile Tower St. Louis City Catholic
Friedens Cemetery 8941 North Broadway Bellefontaine Nhbrs Non-Denominational
Fry-Banker Cemetery Fry Lane, south of Hwy 270 South St. Louis County Family
Fuchs Cemetery Mattis Creek South County Family
Gaehle Family Cem Rieger Rd. Wildwood Family
Gaehle Family Cem Babler Park Wildwood Family
Gaertner Family Grvyd Bouquet Rd. Wildwood Family
Gatewood Cem see New Pickers St. Louis City Non-Denominational
Georgetown Cem see Sappington Cemetery Crestwood Family
Germ Protestant Orphans Home St. Charles Rock Road Overland Evangelical
German Evangelical Cem Unknown St. Louis City Evangelical
German Protestant Cem See New Pickers St. Louis City Non-Denominational
Gimbel Family Grvyd off Hwy T & Ossenfort Wildwood Family
Glaser Cem see Bothe-Glaser Wildwood Family
Glencoe Catholic Cem near Old State Rd & 109 Wildwood Catholic
Grace Episcopal Cem 11th & Warren St. Louis City Episcopal
Grauer Family Cem Melrose Rd Wildwood Family
Gravois Saxon Cem Gravois Rd St. Louis City Unknown
Greb Farm Cem Highway 109 Wildwood Family
Greenwood Cem St. Louis Ave & Lucas Hunt Normandy African-American
Gumbo Cem 245 Long Rd Chesterfield Family
Gutman Family Grvyd Eureka Eureka Family
Haag Family Grvyd Fox Run Farm off Fox Creek Rd Wildwood Family
Halley Family Cem Unknown Wildwood Family
Hamm Grvyd Dietrich Road Des Peres Family
Hardt Family Cem 18721 Hwy T & St. Alban’s Rd Wildwood Family
Hartman Family Cem Off Puellman Rd Wildwood Family
Harugari Cem Old Meramec Station Rd Valley Park Fraternal
Heimann Cem Tamara Trail Wildwood Family
Heipertz-Rahm Cem Melrose Rd. / Walnut Valley Rd Wildwood Family
Hencken Family Cem Hwy T & 100, on hill Wildwood Family
Hencken Family Cem Hencken Rd south Manchester Wildwood Family
Hencken Family Cem 3885 Dutch Hollow Lane Wildwood Family
Hensler Family Cem 3642 Hawks Rest off Hwy 100 Wildwood Family
Herzig-Peterson Family Cem see Peterson Family cemetery Ballwin Family
Herzog Cem Keifer Creek & New Ballwin Ballwin Family
Hibler-Fitzgerald Cem Mason Rd. at Hibler S of Olive Creve Coeur Family
Hillcrest Abbey 3211 Sublette at Arsenal St. Louis City Non-Denominational
Hiram (Bellerive) Cem Mason near Olive Creve Coeur Non-Denominational
Hoeltge Farm Cem Orville Rd Wildwood Family
Hohmann Family Cem Pond Rd Wildwood Family
Holderrieth Family Cem 19165 Old Manchester Rd Wildwood Family
Hollenbeck Grvyd 9 Eureka Ave Eureka Family
Holy Cross Catholic Cem 16200 Manchester Wildwood Catholic
Holy Cross Lutheran Cem 2650 Miami at Ohio St. Louis City Lutheran
Holy Family Fathers Cem Ashby & Midland Overland Catholic
Holy Ghost (Old Pickers) Cem Compton & Wyoming St. Louis City Evangelical
Holy Trinity Cath Cem Carrie & Florissant/Brdway & Taylor St. Louis City Catholic
Homann Family Cem Manchester & Wild Horse Creek Wildwood Family
Hope Cemetery 5909 Hornecker Rd Pacific African-American
Horn Cem Lewis Rd Eureka Unknown
Horstmann Family Cem Fox Creek Road Wildwood Family
Hume, Lewis Cem Hume Rd east of Schackleford North County Family
Immanuel Lutheran Cem 646 N. Warson at Olive Creve Coeur Lutheran
Indepent Protestant Cem Hampton & Gravois St. Louis City Unknown
Inks Family Cem Legends Parkway Eureka Family
Jaeger Family Cem Ossenfort & Hardt Rds Wildwood Family
Jedburgh/Kaes Cem Sherman off Keifer Creek Rd Wildwood Family
Jefferson Barracks Cem 101 Memorial Dr / 2900 Sheridan South County Federal
Jesuit Cem Jesuit Museum / Shackelford Rd Florissant Catholic
Kelpe Burial Ground Babler Park Wildwood Family
Kennerly Family Grvyd Kennerly Rd Sappington Family
Kesselring Stone 526 Eatherton Rd Wildwood Family
Kesselring/Sandfos Grvyd Deer Pointe Wildwood Family
Kessels Family Cem Pond Rd Wildwood Family
King Family Cem Fishpot Creek Ballwin Family
Klump-Brundick Family Cem Old Fox Creek Rd Wildwood Family
Koch Hospital Cem 3950 Robert Koch Rd Oakville Non-Denominational
Koewing Family Cem 17850 Wild Horse Creek Rd Chesterfield Family
Kopf Cem see Friedens Bellefontaine Nhbrs Non-Denominational
Kramer Family Cem Joemar St Wildwood Family
Krausch Family Grvyd 3743 Allenton Rd Wildwood Family
Kreienkamp-Schmitz Fam Cem Model Realty Rd Wildwood Family
Kroenung Family Cem Babler Park Wildwood Family
Krueger Family Cem 18318 Allenton Rd/ Six Flags Rd Wildwood Family
Krueger-Kajewicz Grvyd Old Manchester Rd/ County Line Wildwood Family
Kuhs Grvyd Spanish Pond Rd North County Family
Lacy Cem 14161 Manchester east of 141 Manchester Family
Lake Charles Burial Park St. Charles Rock Rd. at Hanley Normandy Non-Denominational
Lakewood Park Cem 7755 Harlan Affton Non-Denominational
Lamkin-Carter Cem Unknown Affton Unknown
Land Grant Cem near St. Ferdinand Florissant Non-Denominational
LaSalle Inst. Christian Bros. Cem 2101 Rue De La Salle / Hwy 109 Wildwood Catholic
Laurel Hill Memorial Garden 2000 Pennsylvania / St. Chrls RR Wellston Non-Denominational
Lewis Cem See Crescent Eureka Non-Denominational
Lippson’s Family Cem Unknown Wildwood Family
Long Family Cem Pardee & Garber Rds South County Family
Lucas Burial Ground 18th & Washington St. Louis City Family
Mackay-Mead Cem corner Musick & Gravois South County Family
Manchester Methodist Cem 129 Woodsmill at Manchester Manchester Methodist
Marion Cem Unknown Unknown Unknown
Masonic Cem 11th & Washington St. Louis City Fraternal
McClure Cem maybe Allenton Cemetery Allenton Unknown
McCormick, Jordan Cem Eddie Rd. adjacent to Eddie Cem Crestwood Family
McCullough Family Grvyd Unknown Wildwood Family
Memorial Park Cem 5200 Lucas & Hunt at I-70 Jennings Non-Denominational
Methodist Cem Easton Ave. see Wesleyan St. Louis City Methodist
Meyers Family Cem Bouquet Rd Wildwood Family
Missouri Botanical Garden 4344 Shaw Boulevard St. Louis City Family
Missouri Bottom see Gumbo Cemetery Chesterfield Non-Denominational
Missouri Crematory see Hillcrest Abby St. Louis City Non-Denominational
Molz Family Cem Whipporwill Acres, Ossenfort Rd Wildwood Family
Morschel Family Cem Sherman off Keifer Creek Rd Wildwood Family
Mound Cem 700 Howdershell Rd Florissant Catholic
Mount Holy Trinity Cem Broadway & Taylor St. Louis City Catholic
Mount Hope Cem 1215 Lemay Ferry South County Non-Denominational
Mount Lebanon Cem 11101St. Charles Rock Rd St. Ann Non-Denominational
Mount Olive Catholic Cem 3906 Mt. Olive Rd South County Catholic
Mount Olive Hebrew Cem Spring Ave near Olive St Rd St. Louis City Jewish
Mount Olive Hebrew Cem Canton & North & South University City Jewish
Mount Pleasant Cem 18725 Wildhorse Creek w. 109 Wildwood African-American
Mount Pleasant (Dorsett) see Brouster-Link Cem Maryland Heights Family
Mount Sheerish Cem Olive 7 miles from City South County Jewish
Mount Zion Methodist Cem Olive & Studt Creve Coeur Methodist
Mueller Cem Mueller Rd off Hwy 100 Unknown Unknown
Mueller Cem Unknown Wildwood Family
Mueller, Gottliebene Grvyd Bouquet Rd Wildwood Family
Mueller/Miller Grvyd Off Mueller Rd at Hwy 100 Wildwood Family
Muessemeyer Fam Cem Six Flags Road Wildwood Family
Musick Baptist Cem 790 Fee Fee Rd Maryland Heights African-American
Myers/Ferguson Grvyd 14720 Olive Chesterfield Family
Nazareth Cem See Resurrection Mehlville Catholic
Neuberg Cem Oak Borough off Reinke Rd Ballwin Family
New Bethlehem Lutheran Cem 6700 Bellefontaine at Gibson North County Lutheran
New Bremen Catholic Cem Broadway & Taylor St. Louis City Catholic
New Coldwater Cemetery 13701 Old Halls Ferry Blackjack African-American
New Mt. Sinai Cem JGS 8430 Gravois South County Jewish
New Pickers Cem 7133 Gravois St. Louis City Non-Denominational
New Saxon Lutheran Cem 4209 Bates nr Morganford St. Louis City Lutheran
New Sts. Peter & Paul Cem See Resurrection Cemetery Affton Catholic
Ney Family Cem Near Old Manchester Rd Wildwood Family
Niesen Family Cem Hencken Rd Wildwood Family
North St. L Burial Ground 11th & Warren St. Louis City Non-Denominational
Notre Dame Cem 320 East Ripa Lemay Catholic
Oak Grove Cem 7800 St. Charles Rock Rd Normandy Non-Denominational
Oak Hill Cem 10305 Big Bend Kirkwood Non-Denominational
Oakdale Cem 3900 Mt. Olive Rd/ 1280 Ave H South County Non-Denominational
Oakland Cem now 1800 South Broadway St. Louis City Baptist
Odd Fellows Cem 9950 S. Broadway/126 Ellen Ave South County Non-Denominational
O’Fallon Burial Grounds 10th St bet Washington & O’Fallon St. Louis City Non-Denominational
Ohave Sholom Cem 7410 Olive Blvd SE Olive/Hanley University City Jewish
Old Bethlehem Cem Bittner & Switzer St. Louis City Lutheran
Old Bonhomme Pres Cem 14483 Conway east of White Rd Chesterfield Presbyterian
Old Bonhomme Twp Cem Old Bonhomme east of Price Clayton Catholic
Old Bremen Saxon Cem Unknown St. Louis City Unknown
Old Burial Ground See Mt. Olive St. Louis City Catholic
Old Catholic Cathedral Cem 3rd & Walnut St. Louis City Catholic
Old Grace Cem See Grace Episcopal Cemetery St. Louis City Episcopal
Old Musick Burial Ground Hazelwood Ave & Latty Hazelwood Family
Old Picker’s Cem 7212 Gravois St. Louis City Non-Denominational
Old Presbyterian Cem Washington and Biddle St. Louis City Presbyterian
Ossenfort Bouquet Schutter Ossenfort Rd. & Hwy T Wildwood Family
Our Redeemer Cem 8300 McKenzie near Gravois Affton Lutheran
Paffrath Family Cem Booness Lane Wildwood Family
Paffrath/Kissing Grvyd Melrose Rd Wildwood Family
Papin Saxon Grvyd Papin St St. Louis City Lutheran
Park Cem previously Tesson Ferry Rd South County Unknown
Park Hill Cem 14825 Denny Rd Sunset Hills Non-Denominational
Park Lawn Cem 1800 Lemay Ferry Lemay Non-Denominational
Parkway UCC Cem (old) 2840 N. Ballas Rd Town & Country UCC
Patterson-Piggott Grvyd see Cold Water Creek Cem Blackjack Family
Paxon Saxon Luth Cem Ashland/Marcus/Lexington St. Louis City Lutheran
Peterson Family Cem 429 Big Bend nr Reis/N. Ballwin Ballwin Family
Pilgrim’s Rest see St. Trinity Cem Lemay Lutheran
Pillman Family Grvyd Puellman Rd Wildwood Family
Pipkin Burying Ground Southwick Dr off Lemay Ferry South County Family
Pleasants-Ferguson Fam Cem Puellman Rd Wildwood Family
Poertner, Friedrich Fam Cem Hwy T & 100 Wildwood Family
Poertner, Lamping Fam Cem Hencken Rd &Tamara Trail Wildwood Family
Poth Burial Ground Gravois at Grantview Animal Hos South County Family
Potters Field Cem See City Cemetery – Sublette Cemetery St. Louis City Non-Denominational
Potts Family Cem Bouquet Rd (2 sites) Wildwood Family
Presbyterian Cem 4th & Walnut St. Louis City Presbyterian
Private Fox Creek Grvyd Unknown Wildwood Family
Protestant Burial Ground 4th & Market St. Louis City Unknown
Puellman Family Cem Off Puellman Rd (2 sites) Wildwood Family
Quarantine Cemetery Robert Koch Hospital Rd Oakville Non-Denominational
Quick-Piggott-Fry Cem see Fry-Banker Cemetery Unknown Unknown
Quinette Cem 12188 Old Big Bend & Ballas Kirkwood African-American
Ranken-Burns Cem see Burns Eureka Family
Resurrection Cem 6901 Mackenzie/7301 Watson Affton Catholic
Rieger Family Cem Rieger Rd at Shiloh Valley Wildwood Family
Ritchey Cem Smizer Mill Rd Fenton Family
Rock Hill Presb Cem Rock Hill & Manchester Rock Hill Presbyterian
Rock Spring Catholic Cem Duncan near Sarah/Franklin St. Louis City Catholic
Rose Hill Cem Unknown Kirkwood Unknown
Rosenbaum Fam Cem 3602 Allenton Rd near Melrose Wildwood Family
Rosenzweig Fam Cem Off St. Paul Run Wildwood Family
Route 40 Cem Route 40 [unknown] Family
Rural Cem see Bellefontaine St. Louis City Non-Denominational
Rutgers Cem 7th & Rutger St. Louis City Non-Denominational
Ruwwe Grvyd Hollow, Manchester Rd Wildwood Family
Sacred Heart Cem (Florissant) 5239 W. Florissant/980 Graham Florissant Catholic
Sacred Heart Cem (Valley Park) 122 Main St., Valley Park Valley Park Catholic
Sale, Joseph Cem across from Lindbergh High Sch Concord Village Family
Salem Lutheran Cem 5825 Parker Rd Blackjack Lutheran
Salem Methodist Cem (old) 6810 Natural Bridge Normandy Methodist
Salem Methodist Cem 14825 Manchester Ballwin Methodist
Sappington Burial Ground 9111 Watson west of Grant Rd Crestwood Family
Schmitz Family Cem Model Realty Rd Wildwood Family
Schueller Family Grvyd Starck Lane Wildwood Family
Schultz Family Cem Unknown Wildwood Family
Schwenker Family Cem off Melrose Wildwood Family
Second Catholic Grvyd Franklin Ave St. Louis City Catholic
Sheerith Israel Cem North & South south of Olive University City Jewish
Shreve Burial Ground Unknown St. Louis City Family
Sigerson Farm Cem See Mt. Olive Catholic Cemetery and Oakdale Cemetery South County Catholic
Society of Mary Cem Vianney High School Sunset Hills Catholic
South Cnty Memorial Grdns see Odd Fellows Lemay Non-Denominational
St. Ann’s Catholic Cem 7534 Natural Bridge Normandy Catholic
St. Bridget of Erin Cem 1100 N. Jefferson at Carr St St. Louis City Catholic
St. Ferdinand Cem (new) 205 Manion Park Rd Florissant Catholic
St. Ferdinand Cem (old) 600 Graham Rd Florissant Catholic
St. John Cem 4320 Lemay Ferry Mehlville Unknown
St. John Evangelical Cem 1293 St. Cyr /west of Bellefontaine Bellefontaine Nhbrs Evangelical
St. John’s Evan UCC Cem (new) Lemay Ferry Rd & Forder Rd Mehlville UCC
St. John’s Lutheran Cem (new) 15808 Manchester Rd Ellisville Lutheran
St. John’s Lutheran Cem (old) 250 Reinke Ellisville Lutheran
St. John’s UCC Cem (old) 11333 St. John’s Church Rd Mehlville UCC
St. Johns UCC Old Cem 279 Old Sulphur Springs Rd Manchester UCC
St. Johns UCC Cem 258 Sulphur Springs Rd Manchester UCC
St. John’s UCC Cem 15370 & 15362 Olive St Rd Chesterfield UCC
St. Joseph’s Catholic Cem 11th & Biddle St. Louis City Catholic
St. Joseph’s Catholic Cem 125 Creve Coeur Ave Manchester Catholic
St. Joseph’s Cem see St. Martins Clayton Catholic
St. Louis King of France Cem Old Cathedral & St Mary & Joseph St. Louis City Catholic
St. Louis Memorial Gardens see New Pickers St. Louis City Non-Denominational
St. Lucas Cem 11735 & 11825 Denny Rd Sunset Hills UCC
St. Marcus Cem (new) 7901 Gravois South County Non-Denominational
St. Marcus Cem (old) 6638 Gravois near Loughborough St. Louis City Non-Denominational
St. Martin’s Cemetery Old Bonhomme E of Price Rd Clayton Catholic
St. Mary & Joseph Cem see St. Louis King of France St. Louis City Catholic
St. Mary’s Cem 5200 Fee Fee Rd Bridgeton Catholic
St. Matthew Cem 4360 Bates at Gravois St. Louis City UCC
St. Matthew UCC Church Cem 3449 S. Jefferson St. Louis City UCC
St. Monica’s Cem 12136 Olive Creve Coeur Catholic
St. Patrick’s Catholic Cem Franklin & Broadway St. Louis City Catholic
St. Paul’s Catholic Cem 741 Gravois Rd Fenton Catholic
St. Paul’s Cem 5508 Telegraph at Old Baumgartner Oakville UCC
St. Paul’s Churchyard 7600 S. Rock Hill South County Non-Denominational
St. Paul’s Evangelical Cem 6417 Gravois Ave / Kansas St. Louis City Evangelical
St. Paul’s Evangelical Cem Olive Street at Warson Rd Creve Coeur Evangelical
St. Paul’s Lutheran Cem 921 N. Ballas Rd Des Peres Lutheran
St. Paul’s Lutheran Cem 955 Hwy 109 Wildwood Lutheran
St. Paul’s UCC Cem 940 N. Warson Rd Olivette UCC
St. Peter Catholic Cem 510 N. Monroe at Geyer Kirkwood Catholic
St. Peters Cem Gravois & Hampton/Sunshine St. Louis City Unknown
St. Peters UCC Cem 2101 Lucas & Hunt Normandy UCC
St. Stanislaus Jesuit Cem 700 Howdershell Rd Florissant Catholic
St. Thomas UCC Cem 17842 Wild Horse Creek Chesterfield UCC
St. Trinity Lutheran Cem 2160 Lemay Ferry Lemay Lutheran
St. Vincent’s Catholic Cem 8th & Park St. Louis City Catholic
Steines Family Cem Off Ossenfort Rd/St. Albans Frst Wildwood Family
Stocke Family Grvyd along Gravois Creek & Tesson F South County Family
Stosberg Family Cem Near Pond Rd / Portland Place Wildwood Family
Strecker Family Cem Strecker Road Wildwood Family
Stricker Family Cem Starck Lane Wildwood Family
Sts. Peter & Paul Cem 7030 Gravois St. Louis City Catholic
Stuart Family Cem 2234 Ridgely Woods/ Valley Rd Wildwood Family
Stump Family Cem Wild Horse Creek w of Eatherton Wildwood Family
Sturdy Family Cem 9963 East Watson Rd Crestwood Family
Sublette Cem Sublett at Cheltenham St. Louis City Non-Denominational
Sullens Cem Saline Rd nr Hermitage Hill subd Fenton Family
Sunset Burial Park 10180 Gravois Rd Affton Non-Denominational
Sutton Family Grvyd Big Bend & Manchester Maplewood Family
Taylor Cem 1385 Pepperhill Dr Florissant Family
Tesson Burial Ground Fox Meadows Drive Sunset Hills Family
Tholozan Family Grvyd Gravois Rd Unknown Family
Tribune Baptist Cem 1753 Smizer Mill Rd Valley Park African-American
Trinity Lutheran Cem 14088 Clayton Rd Chesterfield Lutheran
Trinity Lutheran Church Ohio & Miami, 4209 Bates St. Louis City Lutheran
Tyler Family Cem Laurey Lane Wildwood Family
Union Baptist Ch Cem 17233 Church Rd Chesterfield African-American
United Hebrew Cem 23rd & Scott St. Louis City Jewish
United Hebrew Cem JGS 7701 Canton at North & South University City Jewish
Valhalla Cem 7600 St. Charles RR/ Hanley Normandy Non-Denominational
Valley Cem same as Stuart Cem Wildwood Family
Valley Park City Cem 122 Main St. Valley Park Non-Denominational
Walnut Plains Cem Clayton & Brentwood Clayton Family
Walton, Judge Grvyd Unknown Unknown Family
Wardenburg Fam Cem 1033 Hwy BA near Babler Park Wildwood Family
Warfield Family Grvyd Off Manchester in Pond Wildwood Family
Washington Park Cem 5500 James S. McDonnell Blvd Berkley African-American
Wesleyan Cem Franklin & Easton (1st) St. Louis City Methodist
Grand & Laclede (2nd) St. Louis City Methodist
Olive SE corner of Hanley (3rd) University City Methodist
Westerman Cem Lemp & Utah near Potomac St. Louis City Evangelical
Western Evan Lutheran Cem Marcus and Lexington St. Louis City Lutheran
Wetzel Farm Cem Unknown Wildwood Family
Wickersham Family Grvyd Midland North of Canton University City Family
Williams Cem Larkin Williams Industrial Ct Fenton Family
Willming Farm Cem (2) Melrose Wildwood Family
Windmoor Burial Ground 2840 N. Ballas Road Town & Country UCC
Yates/Yeats Cem Unknown Unknown Family
Zion Lutheran Cem 12075 Dorsett Rd Maryland Heights Lutheran
Zion UCC Cem 7401 St. Charles Rock Rd Normandy UCC

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