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A St. Louis Genealogical Society member, Robert Buecher, has been indexing records from St. Marcus and has generously made them available on his website. Clicking on the links below will take you to the site, which also has a history of the church and a list of its pastors.

The following indexes from this congregation are available:

Burials from 1847 to 1879

Confirmations from 1848 to 1870

Deaths from 1880 to 1899

Marriages from 1847 to 1865


Founded 1843; still active in 2016

The congregation was established in 1843 as part of the German Evangelical Congregation at 6th and Locust in St. Louis City. Church members broke away from Holy Ghost Evangelical Church and met in the Benton School. In 1845, the congregation built two identical buildings, one at 15th (now 14th) and Carr known as the North Church (Obere Kirche), which became St. Peter’s Evangelical Church, and one at Jackson (now 3rd) and Soulard (now Lafayette), known as the South Church (Untere Kirche). The latter, which called themselves the German Evangelical Church of South St. Louis became St. Marcus Evangelical Church in 1856. They razed the original frame church in 1867 and built a new brick church on the same site.

Schisms over the use of English in services led to some factions leaving to found St. Paul’s Church in 1848 and Jesus Church in 1894. The congregation rebuilt the church after it was heavily damaged by the May 1896 tornado. When St. Marcus members began moving out of the neighborhood in the early 1900s, the congregation bought a lot on the southwest corner of Russell and McNair Avenues in 1906 and built a new church that they dedicated on 14 March 1915.

Address: 2102 Russell Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63104

Telephone No.: 314-771-0738

Location 1845–1856: 15th (now 14th) and Carr, St. Louis, Missouri 63106
GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.6367692,-90.1995264 View Map

Location 1856–1915: Jackson and Soulard (now 3rd and Lafayette), St. Louis, Missouri 63104
GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.6083457,-90.2006627 View map.

Location 1915–Present: 2102 Russell, St. Louis, Missouri 63104
GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.609636,-90.2198857 View map.

St. Marcus UCC2102 Russell
Photo courtesy of Eden Theological Seminary Archives
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St. Markus Evangelical3rd and Lafayette
Photo courtesy of Eden Theological Seminary Archives
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