Protestant churches often were named based on their location, and if a church moved with the membership, the name of the church may have changed accordingly.

The street addresses and dates in the following index represent our best effort to provide accurate information. However, the reader should keep in mind that the information was compiled from a variety of sources including community and congregation histories and therefore some of the dates may be inconsistent.

The Map

A Google map showing the location of each congregation is at UCC Churches Map.

Evangelical and Reformed, United Church of Christ Churches

Any location not otherwise designated is in the City of St. Louis.

Congregation Location Approximate Dates
Bethany Evangelical Church Wild Horse Creek Road, Meramec Township (Wildwood) 1921–1929
Bethany Evangelical Church 11952 Bellefontaine Road, Bellefontaine Neighbors 1867–
Bethany-Peace United Church of Christ 11952 Bellefontaine Road, Spanish Lake 1972–
Bethel Evangelical Church 14700 New Halls Ferry, Florissant
2941 Greer Avenue
Bethel United Church of Christ 14700 New Halls Ferry Road, Florissant 1901–
Bethesda Evangelical Church 85 Lemay Gardens Road 1907–
Bethesda Evangelical Church [ESNA] 405 Hoffmeister Avenue, Lemay 1910–1960
Bethlehem Evangelical Church 11625 Old St. Charles Rock Road, Bridgeton 1964–2010
Bethlehem Evangelical Church 5801 Southwest Avenue
Shaw & Cooper (Marconi) Avenue
Bethlehem German Evangelical Church Elliot & Wash (Cole) Street 1881–1887
Brentwood Congregational UCC 2400 South Brentwood Boulevard, Brentwood 1922–
Calvary UCC 2501 Hartland Avenue, Overland 1929–
Caroline Mission 1821 Hickory Avenue 1913–1983
Carondelet UCC (Formerly Carondelet Evangelical and Reformed) 7423 Michigan Avenue 1939–
Cheltenham Congregational (see Memorial Congregational Church) West Park Avenue between Sublette & Pierce 1882–1886
Christ Church Evangelical UCC 126 Bruno Avenue, Maplewood 1890–
Christ the King UCC 11370 Old Halls Ferry Road, Florissant 1998–
Church of the Master UCC 1325 Paddock Drive, Florissant 1956–
Compton Hill Congregational Church 1640 South Compton Avenue
High Street (23rd) and Clark Avenue
Congregational UCC (See Christ the King UCC) 11370 Old Halls Ferry Road, Florissant
Newby and Theobold (Paul Revere Temple)
Ebenezer Evangelical (See Epiphany UCC) 2921 McNair Avenue 1886–1964
Eden Evangelical Church 8920 Eden Avenue, Affton 1912–
Eden-Immanuel Evangelical Church 6404 Easton Avenue 1919–1971
Emmaus UCC 4341 Chouteau Avenue 1896–1976
Epiphany UCC 2911 McNair Avenue 1964–
Evangelical Congregation of the Redeemer Kingshighway near Gravois 1910–
Evangelical UCC 204 East Lockwood Road, Webster Groves 1920–
Faith-Salem UCC 7348 West Florissant Boulevard, Jennings 1943–
First Congregational of St. Louis 6501 Wydown Boulevard, Clayton 1852–
First Congregational Church of Webster Groves UCC 10 West Lockwood Avenue, Webster Groves 1866–
First English Evangelical Church Grand & Franklin 1901–1903
First Evangelical Free Church of St. Louis County, Ballwin [EFCA] 1375 Carman Road, Ballwin 1992–
Fountain Park Congregational Church 4950 Fountain Ave. 1867-1936
Friedens Chapel UCC 1060 Chambers Road, Florissant 1952–2012
Friedens UCC 1908 Newhouse Street 1857–2010
Garden Light United Church of Christ 2336 Tennessee Avenue 2008-2010
German Evangelical Congregation in South St. Louis (See Carondelet UCC) 7423 Michigan Avenue 1869–1939
German Evangelical Zion Church (See Parkway UCC) 2841 New Ballas Road, Town and Country
Manchester Road and North Ballas Road
Grace Evangelical Church 5700 Leona 1928–1940
Grace United Church of Christ 5700 Leona Avenue 1940–
Holy Ghost Evangelical Church 4916 Mardel Avenue
3666 Flad Avenue
1220 North Grand Boulevard
8th and Walnut (SW)
7th and Clark (NW)
Hope UCC 6273 Eichelberger Street 1943–
Hyde Park Congregational Church Bremen and Blair Avenues
1501 Bremen Avenue
9th and Salisbury Streets
Immanuel Evangelical Church 221 Church Street, Ferguson 1888–
Independent Evangelical Congregational (See Christ the King UCC) 4001 Fair Avenue 1917–1959
Independent Evangelical Protestant (See Christ the King UCC) 13th and Webster (now Tyler) Street 1869–1917
Independent German Evangelical Protestant  (See Christ the King UCC) 8th and Mound Streets 1856–1869
Italian Evangelical Church 5343 Botanical Avenue 1928–1990
Ivy Chapel 620 Woods Mill Road, Chesterfield 1964–
Jesus Evangelical Church 1115 Victor Street
Jackson (now 3rd Street) and Soulard (now Lafayette Avenue)
Kirkwood UCC 1603 Dougherty Ferry Road,  Kirkwood 1952–
Maplewood Congregational Church 1517 McCausland Ave. 1893-1960
Memorial Congregational Church 6234 Victoria Avenue
1510 Sulphur Avenue
Messiah Evangelical Church 6520 Arsenal Street 1924–1928
Mount Tabor UCC 6520 Arsenal Street 1928–
Nazareth Evangelical Church 3554 Morganford Road 1903–1994
Old Orchard Congregational Church UCC 640 Amelia Avenue, Webster Groves 1897–1947
Parkway UCC (Formerly German Evangelical Zion Church) 2841 New Ballas Road, Town and Country 1958–
Pilgrim UCC (formerly Pilgrim Congregational) 826 Union Avenue
2843 Washington Avenue
Washington and Garrison
Pilgrim Evangelical & Reformed Church 3325 Arsenal Street 1914–1982
Prince of Peace UCC 4966 Towne South Road, Sappington 1966–
Redeemer Evangelical Church 6450 South Kingshighway Boulevard 1910–
Redeemer United Church of Christ [ESNA] 6450 South Kingshighway 1921–2003
Salem Evangelical Free Church 2490 Pohlmann Road, Florissant 2001–
Salem Evangelical UCC 2490 Pohlmann Road, Florissant
3932 Shreve Avenue
Marcus and Margaretta Avenues
Salem Reformed Evangelical Church 14th & Sullivan Streets 1884–1943
Salvator Evangelical Church Plover & Thekla Avenues 1907–1951
Salvator UCC 5266 Plover Avenue, Walnut Park 1951–1979
Samuel Evangelical Church 320 North Forsyth Boulevard, Clayton 1905–
Second English Evangelical Church Alice Avenue & Grant Street 1911–1919
St. Andrew UCC  (See also Epiphany UCC) 3127 California Avenue 1899–1964
St. James German Evangelical Church DeSoto and McKissock Avenues 1871–1887
St. James UCC  (formerly St. James German Evangelical) 1507 East College Avenue 1888–1979
St. John UCC, Manchester (formerly St. John Evangelical, Manchester) 332 Old Sulphur Springs Road, Manchester 1860–
St. John’s Evangelical Church 4136 North Grand & Lee Avenues 1852–
St. John’s Evangelical Church 15370 Olive Boulevard, Chesterfield 1892–
St. John’s Evangelical Church, Ellisville 1851–
St. Johns Evangelical UCC, Mehlville 11333 St. Johns Church Road, Mehlville 1838–
St. John’s UCC [ESNA] 15370 Olive Boulevard, Chesterfield 1892–
St. John’s UCC [ESNA] 4136 North Grand Boulevard 1852–
St. Lucas Evangelical Church 11735 Denny Road, Sappington 1880–
St. Luke’s UCC 2336 Tennessee Avenue
Scott and Jefferson Avenues
St. Marcus Evangelical 2102 Russell Boulevard
Jackson and Soulard (now 3rd and Lafayette)
15th (now 14th) and Carr
St. Matthew UCC 2613 Potomac Avenue
Seventh and Cave Streets
St. Paul’s Evangelical Church 3510 Giles Avenue 1847–1931
St. Paul’s Evangelical Church 3660 Potomac 1931–
St. Paul Evangelical Church [ESNA] 1808 South 9th Street 1897–1924
St. Paul’s Evangelical Church, Stratmann Old Bonhomme Road (Olive) & Warson, Stratmann (Central Township) 1843–1892
St. Paul’s Evangelical Church, Oakville  (see St. Paul’s UCC, Oakville) 5508 Telegraph Road, Oakville 1844–1918
St. Paul’s Evangelical UCC, Creve Coeur 9801 Olive Road, Creve Coeur 1892–1961
St. Paul’s Evangelical United Church of Christ, Creve Coeur [ELCA] 9801 Olive Boulevard, Creve Coeur 1962–1998
St. Paul’s Evangelical United Church of Christ, Lemay 1858–
St. Paul’s-Friedens Evangelical 13th and Allen Streets 1882–1913
St. Peter’s Evangelical Church 1425 Stein Road at West Florissant Road 1843–
St. Peter’s Evangelical Church 6905 St. Louis Avenue, Normandy 1865–1980
St. Peter’s German Evangelical Church 1425 Stein Road, Ferguson
St. Louis Avenue and Bishop P. L. Scott Avenue
14th and Carr Streets
St. Philip’s United Church of Christv 10708 Lavinia Drive, Concord 1961–
St. Stephen UCC 8500 Halls Ferry Road, Baden
Halls Ferry and Gimblin
St. Thomas German Evangelical Church of Gumbo (see St. Thomas UCC, Chesterfield) 150 Long Road, Gumbo (Chesterfield) 1908–1958
St. Thomas UCC, Chesterfield 17842 Wild Horse Creek Road, Chesterfield 1969–
Swedish Evangelical Congregational Church 1201 Mackay Avenue 1894–
Trinity German Evangelical Church Mount Pleasant Street and Michigan Avenue 1893–1930
Trinity UCC (formerly Trinity German Evangelical Church) 5200 Hilda Avenue, Affton
4700 South Grand Avenue
Mt. Pleasant Street and Michigan Avenue
United Evangelical Church of Manchester (see St. John UCC, Manchester) 332 Old Sulphur Springs Road, Manchester 1860–1868
Zion Oakfield UCC 425 Old Manchester Road, Pacific 1878–
Zion UCC-Florissant 5710 North Highway 67, Florissant
2506 Benton Avenue
23rd and Montgomery Streets
Zion Evangelical Church (see Parkway UCC) 2841 New Ballas Road, Town and Country 1934–1958

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