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Baptisms from 1882 to 1923

Deaths from 1925 to 1934

Miscellaneous records concerning members (including christenings and deaths) from 1881 to 1902

Pastors from 1880 to 1883

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Established in 1881, closed in 1945

The Hyde Park Congregational Church first met at 9th and Salisbury Streets before moving into a former Presbyterian church located at 1501 Bremen Avenue. At the intersection of Bremen and Blair Avenues, the congregation built a new church in 1894. It cost $20,000 and was described as “three stories in front and two in the rear, the ground floor being two feet six inches below sidewalk level, and is devoted to Sunday school purposes . . .” The auditorium seated 700 and had an adjoining lecture room to accommodate 200 more. This beautiful, massive structure served the congregation until World War II. It was no longer listed in church directories as of 1945.

Hyde Park Congregational1501 Bremen Ave.
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(Used with permission)

Location 1891–1883: 9th and Salisbury, St. Louis, Missouri 63147

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.661863, -90.198826 View Map

Location 1883–1894: 1501 Bremen Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63107

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.663225, -90.203888 View Map

Location 1894–1945: Bremen and Blair Avenues, St. Louis, Missouri 63107

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.6626697, -90.2025824 View Map

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