Genealogical Data

The following original church records from this congregation are now available:

Baptisms from 1834 to 1922

Confirmations from 1856 to 1936

Marriages from 1834 to 1977

Deaths from 1849 to 1972

StLGS is following state guidelines for privacy wherever possible. Births/baptisms online must be at least one hundred years old; confirmations eighty-six years old; marriages forty-five years old; and deaths fifty years old. Additional data from these records is available; please come to the StLGS office to view it. As privacy limits permit, society volunteers will post additional data online.

In addition to the above, information about the early burials, confirmations, marriages, and deaths from this church was first published in the the St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly. The following information from those articles is available:

Burial Records, 1849

Confirmations, 1869

Marriages from 1834 to 1844

Deaths Recorded from 1846 to 1848

Historical Site

Also known as the Independent German Evangelical Protestant Church of the Holy Ghost

Established 1832; closed 2007

A group of German Evangelical immigrants, formed the German Evangelical Congregation in 1832, to become the first German Protestant church in St. Louis area. The members began meeting in the Benton School at 6th and Locust prior to dedicating their first building in 1840, located on the northwest corner of 7th Street and Clark Avenue. Needing a larger place to meet, the congregation moved into a new building at 8th and Walnut in 1858. In addition to a parochial school founded in 1836, the Holy Ghost congregation established two other German–English schools: one at 11th and Biddle Streets in 1845 and one at 9th near Geyer Street in 1854. Open to all regardless of religious affiliation, these schools became the foundation for the St. Louis Public School System. The congregation dedicated a larger church located at 8th and Walnut Streets on 25 September 1858. When construction of a railroad tunnel endangered the structure, the congregation relocated to the former Third Congregational Church building at Grand and Page Boulevards in 1895.

In 1923, they sold the building and met temporarily at a building owned by B’Nai El Congregation on the southeast corner of Spring and Flad. The Evangelicals remained in the B’Nai El building until they completed a new building at 4916 Mardel Avenue in 1928. This was their final location until closing in 2007, when the building was sold to another congregation.

Location 1840–1858: 7th and Clark (NW) St. Louis, Missouri 63101

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.623803, -90.193130 7th and Clark

Location 1858–1895: 8th and Walnut (SW) St. Louis, Missouri 63101

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.625823, -90.193677 8th and Walnut

Location 1895–1923: 1220 N. Grand Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.645408, -90.227319 1220 N. Grand

Location 1923–1928: 3666 Flad Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.611503, -90.243039 3666 Flad

Location 1928–2007: 4916 Mardel Ave. St. Louis, Missouri 63109

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.592520, -90.273534 4916 Mardel

Holy Ghost UCC on Mardel

Photo from Landmarks Association
(Used with permission)

Holy Ghost Evangelical Church on N. Grand

Photo from Eden Theological Seminary Archives
(Used with permission)

Holy Ghost Evangelical Church on 8th & Walnut

Photo from Eden Theological Seminary Archives
(Used with permission)

Holy Ghost Evangelical Church on 7th & Clark

Photo from Eden Theological Seminary Archives
(Used with permission)

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