The pages in these files are from the Church of the Redeemer, which merged with Fountain Park in 1918. The information in the files predates that merger. The records contain some scattered genealogical information. The files are not indexed.

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Miscellaneous 2

Miscellaneous 3

Miscellaneous 4

Miscellaneous 7A

Miscellaneous 7B

Miscellaneous 8

Miscellaneous 9

Miscellaneous 10

Miscellaneous 11

Miscellaneous 11B

Miscellaneous 12

Miscellaneous 13

Miscellaneous 14

Miscellaneous 15

Miscellaneous 16

Miscellaneous 17A

Miscellaneous 17B

Miscellaneous 18

Miscellaneous 19

Miscellaneous 20A

Miscellaneous 20B

Miscellaneous 21A

Miscellaneous 21B

Miscellaneous 22

Miscellaneous 23

Miscellaneous 23B

Miscellaneous 24

Miscellaneous 24B

Miscellaneous 25

Miscellaneous 26

Miscellaneous 27

Miscellaneous 27B

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