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Deaths and Baptisms from Plymouth Congregational

Lists of members and miscellaneous records from Plymouth Congregational Church containing some references from 1914 to 1919

Miscellaneous records from Church of the Redeemer, 1885 and 1889 to 1907


Established in 1867; closed in 1936

This church came about via a series of mergers and has just a scattering of records. Essentially, the church came from four congregations: Plymouth Congregational, Church of the Redeemer, Union Congregational, and Aubert Place. However, some of those congregations were formed by mergers as well and the history of these mergers is not chronological.

In 1867, the Mayflower Sabbath School was established at Grand Avenue and Lucky Street.

Fountain Park Congregational
4950 Fountain Ave.
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Two years later, a group of sixty-two people split from the Pilgrim Congregational Church to form Mayflower Congregational (later known as Third Congregational). Their church was a small frame chapel on Boston Street between Grand and Spring Avenues. That same year, they moved to 1220 North Grand at Page. Here they built a larger structure and dedicated it in 1877.

Sometime between 1886 and 1891, they built a brick building, but the cost of construction and a downturn in the economy led to a merger with Aubert Place, which was founded in 1890, and a new name, Fountain Park Congregational Church. Their Italian Romanesque church on Fountain Avenue had a tall tower and three wings and remained open until 1936, when it was sold to Centennial Christian Church.

Meanwhile, in 1865, the New Hope Mission Sunday School was established, and, in 1869, a congregation was founded at 2407-2411 Belle Glade. Originally called Plymouth Congregational (Fourth Congregational), in 1919, they were absorbed by Fountain Park Congregational Church.

In 1870, the Fairgrounds Mission Sunday School began, and, in 1885, the Congregation of the Redeemer was founded at Barrett and Garrison Avenues. In 1911, it merged with Union Congregational, which had been founded at 3rd and Biddle Streets in 1883. In 1890, they moved to 1433 North 10th Street near Cass Avenue. This church merged with Church of the Redeemer to become United Congregational in 1911, and, in 1918, United Congregational was absorbed by Fountain Park.

Location 1869–c. 1890: 1220 North Grand Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63106

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.645372, -90.2295057  View Map

Location 1890–1936: 4950 Fountain Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63108

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.655238, -90.263984   View Map

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