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Established: circa 1859

St. Trinity Evangelical Lutheran-St. Louis

St. Trinity Lutheran Church

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By the mid-nineteenth century, the German Lutheran families living in the far south of St. Louis, an area then known as Carondelet, felt the need to establish a church and a school within their neighborhood. On 20 June 1859, five men met to begin to organize a congregation. They called themselves “The First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Carondelet” and with money they had collected, they purchased a plot of ground on which to build. By the end of the year, they had constructed and dedicated a church.

In 1861, the congregation officially joined the Missouri Synod of the Lutheran church. The school they had opened was thriving and a second teacher was hired. The congregation outgrew their church by 1872 and laid a cornerstone for a new building in September of that year. Prior to the start of construction, the church was incorporated as the Evangelical Lutheran St. Trinity Church. Ironically, that was an error in translation. The original German was “Heilige Dreieinigkeit,” meant to be Holy Trinity, not Saint.

It was not until 1911 that the first English service was held, first once a month and then, during the 1920s, twice.

The school experienced overcrowding in 1892, leading to the erection of a new building on Vermont Avenue. In 1923, a fire caused enough damage to force closure of the school and led to the construction of a new school on Koeln Avenue. Due to a dwindling enrollment, the school closed in 1976, and the site now serves as the parish building.

Address: 7404 Vermont Ave., St. Louis, Missouri 63111

Telephone number: 314-353-3276

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GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.551705, -90.261275 View Map

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