Protestant churches often were named based on their location and if a church moved with the membership, the name of the church may have changed accordingly.

The street addresses and dates in the following index represent our best effort to provide accurate information. However, the reader should keep in mind that the information was compiled from a variety of sources including community and congregation histories and therefore some of the dates may be inconsistent.

The Map

A Google map showing the location of each congregation is at Lutheran Churches Map.

The List

Any location not otherwise designated is in the City of St. Louis.

Congregation Location Approximate Dates
Abiding Savior Lutheran Church 4355 Butler Hill Road, Mehlville 1971–
Ablaze Lutheran Church [LCMS] 9915 Diamond Drive, Belfontaine Neighbors 2008–
Altheim Lutheran Church Unknown 1864
Ascension Lutheran Church [LCMS] 5347 Donovan Avenue 1936–
Asian Lutheran Church [ELCA] 1249 Beaver Creek Road, Chesterfield 2007–
Atonement Lutheran Church [ELCA] 1285 North New Florissant Road, Florissant 1968–
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church [LCMS] 12397 Natural Bridge Road, Bridgeton 1967–
Berea Lutheran Church [LCMS] 9915 Diamond Drive, Riverview
Diamond Drive and Fork Drive, Riverview
Bethany Lutheran Church 3946 Clay Avenue
Natural Bridge and Spring
Grand Boulevard and Harper Street
Bethesda Lutheran Church 6220 Bircher Avenue, Pine Lawn 1910–1940
Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church [ELCA] 407 Fairview Avenue, Webster Groves 1897–
Bethel Lutheran Church [ELCA] 1610 South Florissant Road, St. Louis County
7001 Forsyth Boulevard, Clayton
Bethesda Lutheran Church [LCMS] 6220 Bircher Avenue, Pine Lawn 1949–
Bethesda Lutheran Home Chapel 11151 Larimore Road, Spanish Lake 1986–1998
Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church 2153 Salisbury Avenue 1849–
Blessed Saviour Lutheran Church [LCMS] 2615 Shackelford Road, Florissant 1984–
Bismarck Heights Lutheran Church Carondelet Township 1910–
Chapel of the Cross Lutheran Church [LCMS] 11645 Benham Road, Jennings 1967–
Christ Lutheran Church [ELCA] 1 Selma Avenue, Webster Groves 1941–
Christ Lutheran Church [ELCA] 3504 Caroline Street 1868–2009
Christ the King Lutheran Church [ELCA] 1625 Washington Street, Florissant 1959–2005
Concordia Lutheran Church – Maplewood 7291 Sarah Avenue, Maplewood 1892–
Concordia Lutheran Church – Kirkwood 505 South Kirkwood Road, Kirkwood 1874–
Ebenezer Lutheran Church 1011 Theobald 1869–
Emmanuel Lutheran Church South Jefferson & Russell Boulevard 1900–
Emmaus Evangelical Lutheran Church (see Emmaus Lutheran Church) 2600 Armand Place 1894-1902
Emmaus Lutheran Church 2241 South Jefferson Avenue
Jefferson Avenue and Armand Place
Epiphany Lutheran Church 4045 Holly Hills Boulevard 1941–
Evangelical Lutheran Concordia Congregation Manchester & Clarkson Road, Ellisville
255 Reinke Road, Ballwin
Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul’s Congregation Manchester & Ballas, Des Peres
921 New Ballas, Des Peres
Evangelical Lutheran Trinity Church 14088 Clayton Road, Chesterfield 1900–1965
Faith Lutheran Church 6101 Telegraph Road, Oakville
5911 Telegraph Road, Oakville
Ferguson Lutheran Church St. Ferdinand Township, Ferguson 1911–
Frieden Lutheran Church Monroe & Harrison, Kirkwood 1906–
German Evangelical Lutheran Congregation Manchester & Ballas Road, Clayton Township (Des Peres) 1838–1849
German United Lutheran Reformed St. Paul’s Church Olive & Warson Road, Central Township (Creve Coeur) 1843–1892
Gethsemane Lutheran Church [ELCA] 3600 Hampton Avenue 1947–
Gethsemane Lutheran Church  [LCMS] 765 Lemay Ferry Road, Lemay 1905–
Glendale Lutheran Church 1365 North Sappington Road, Glendale 1956–
Gloria Dei Free Lutheran Church 10025 Kennerly Road, Sappington 1998–
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church 327 Woods Mill Road, Manchester 1979–
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church [ELCA] 6th & Cerre 1875–
Grace Chapel Lutheran Church 10015 Lance Drive, Bellefontaine Neighbors 1958–
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church (see Grace Chapel Lutheran) 3117 St. Louis Avenue
10th and Warren Streets
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church [UAC] 6440 Easton Avenue 1925–1941
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church 6402 Martin Luther King Boulevard, Pagedale
Grace Lutheran Church 1425 Ferguson Avenue, Pagedale 1957–
Holy Comforter Lutheran Church 10701 St. Cosmas Lane, St. Ann 1958–
Holy Cross Lutheran Church 2650 Miami Avenue 1858–
Holy Cross Lutheran Church [ELCA] 13014 Olive Boulevard, Creve Coeur 1968–
Holy Sacraments Lutheran Church [LCMS] 4000 West Belle Place 1951–
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church [ELCA] 2030 Union Road, Lemay 1959–
Hope Evangelical Lutheran Church 5218 Neosho Street 1916–
Hope Lutheran Church [LCMS] 10701 St. Cosmas Lane, St. Ann 1958–
Immanuel Lutheran Church 11100 Old Halls Ferry Road 1847–
Immanuel Lutheran Church 3540 Marcus Avenue
3530 Marcus Avenue
15th Street and Morgan Avenue
11th Street and Franklin Avenue
Immanuel Lutheran Church,Olivette 9733 Olive Street Road, Olivette 1844–
King of Kings Lutheran Church 13765 Olive Boulevard, Chesterfield 1971–
Lord of Life Lutheran Church 15760 Baxter Road, Chesterfield 1990–
Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod City Mission 1447 East Grand Avenue 2006–
Lutheran Church of Our Savior 2854 Abner Place at St. Louis Avenue 1916–1970
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd [ELCA] 7380 Howdershell Road, Hazelwood 1970–
Lutheran Church of the Living Christ [ELCA] 2725 Concord Drive, Florissant 1966–
Lutheran Church of the Reformation [LCMS] 7910 Mackenzie Road, Affton 1956–
Lutheran Church of the Resurrection [LCMS] 9907 Sappington Road, Sunset Hills 1956–
Markus Lutheran Church 4032 North 22nd Street 1904–1981
Martin Luther Lutheran Church [LCWS] 10151 Sappington Road, Sappington 1970–
Messiah Lutheran Church 3547 Pestalozzi Street
2846 South Grand Boulevard
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church 1444 Union Boulevard 1913–1964
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church 9321 Litzinger Avenue, Brentwood
Brentwood and Rosalie
Mount Olive Lutheran Church 4246 Shaw Boulevard
1816 Klemm
Our Redeemer Lutheran Church 9135 Shelly Avenue, Overland 1894–
Our Savior Lutheran Church 1500 San Simeon Way, Fenton 1964–
Pathfinder (See St. John Lutheran, Ellisville)
Peace Lutheran Church, Berkeley [LCMS] 4119 Edmundson Road, Berkley 1942–2003
Peace Lutheran Church, Mehlville 737 Barracksview Road, Mehlville 2000–
Pilgrim Evangelical Lutheran Church 4567 Fair Avenue 1912–1965
Pilgrim Lutheran Church 4567 Fair Avenue 1907–1957
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church [LCMS] 8646 New Sappington Road, Crestwood 1966–
Redeemer Lutheran Church Utah & Oregon Avenues
Reen Memorial Lutheran Church [ULCA] 1034 South Kingshighway Boulevard 1914–1980
Resurrection Church in Word Lutheran 9907 Sappington Road 1898–
Resurrection Lutheran Church [ECLA] 4112 West Florissant Avenue 1965–
Salem Lutheran Church 5031 Lakewood Avenue 1909–
Salem Lutheran Church, Black Jack 5180 Parker Road, Black Jack 1851–
Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church 8343 Gravois Road, Affton 1909–
Shepard of the Hills Lutheran Church [ELCA] 11935 Natural Bridge Road, Bridgeton 1993–2005
St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church 6746 Etzel Avenue, University City
Etzel & Sutter, University City
St. Jacobi Lutheran Church 8646 Jennings Station Road, Jennings 1906–2011
St. John Lutheran Church, Ellisville 15808 Manchester Road, Ellisville
Manchester and Clarkson Roads, Ellisville
255 Reinke Road, Ballwin
St. Johns Lutheran Church 3738 Morganford Road 1865–
St. Lucas Evangelical Lutheran Church 1222 Allen Avenue 1913–1955
St. Lucas Lutheran Church 7100 Morganford Road 1905–
St. Lucas Slovak Lutheran Church 1921 South 9th Street 1909–1912
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church 3415 Taft Avenue 1896–
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church Alaska & Neosho Avenues
St. Luke’s Lutheran Church 4528 Alaska 1896–
St. Mark’s Evangelical Lutheran Church 6337 Clayton Road, Clayton
Cardinal and Bell Streets
Elliott and Wash (now Cole) Street
St. Mark’s Lutheran Church 4042 North 22nd Street 1912–1970
St. Matthew Lutheran Church 5402 Wren Avenue 1901–
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 2137 East John Avenue 1882–1956
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 2137 East John Avenue
Prairie Avenue & Von Phul Street
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church 1904 East College Avenue
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Kingshighway & Gibson 1906–1914
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Des Peres 12345 Manchester Road, Des Peres 1838–
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Wildwood 955 Highway 109, Wildwood 1866–
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Spanish Lake 1120 Trampe Road, Spanish Lake
Columbia Bottom Road
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Swan (Vista) & Newstead 1895–1925
St. Peter’s Lutheran Church 1211 South Newstead Avenue 1907–
St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church 1126 South Kingshighway 1925–2007
St. Phillip’s Lutheran Church 1928–1947
St. Philip’s Lutheran Church 4000 West Belle Place 1944–1951
St. Philip’s Lutheran Church [ELCA] 2424 Annie Malone Drive
St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church [LCMS] 4301 Olive Street 1930–2011
St. Thomas Lutheran Church, Sunset Hills 3980 S Lindbergh Blvd, Sappington 1961–
St. Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church 7404 Vermont Avenue circa 1859–
The Lutheran Church of Webster Gardens 8749 Watson Road, Webster Groves 2003–
Timothy Lutheran Church 6704 Fyler Avenue 1927–
Transfiguration Lutheran Church 1807 Biddle Street 1946–
Trinity Lutheran Church 812 Soulard Street
Lombard Street between Second and Third
209 Walnut Street
Trinity Lutheran Church 517 West Koeln 1864–1896
Trinity Lutheran Church 7404 Vermont Avenue 1872–
Trinity Lutheran Church, Bridgeton [LCMS] 3765 McKelvey Road, Bridgeton 1966–
Trinity Lutheran Church, Chesterfield 14088 Clayton Road, Chesterfield 1900–
Trinity Lutheran Church, Kirkwood [ELCA] 820 Lockett Road, Kirkwood 1957–
Unity Lutheran Church [ELCA] 8454 Glen Echo Drive, Bel Nor 1935–
Village Lutheran Church 9237 Clayton Road, Ladue 1946–
Western Evangelical Lutheran Church 3540 Marcus 1927–2012
Zion German Evangelical Lutheran Church 2500 North 21st Street at Benton Avenue 1858–
Zion Lutheran Church, St. Louis City 2500 N. 21st Street
1428 Warren Avenue
Zion Lutheran Church, Maryland Heights 12075 Dorsett Road, Maryland Heights 1883–
Zion Lutheran Church, Valley Park [LCMS] 531 Meramec Station Road, Valley Park 1930–
Zion Lutheran Church of Ferguson [ELCA] 123 Carson Road, Ferguson 1957–

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