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The following records from this congregation are available:

Baptisms from 1909 to 1922

Confirmations from 1909 to 1936

Marriages from 1909 to 1977

Deaths from 1909 to 1972

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Markus Lutheran
4032 North 22nd Street

Photo courtesy of Concordia Historical Institute
St. Louis, Missouri
(Used with permission)


Established: 1904, closed 1981

Markus Lutheran Church was organized in 1904 by laymen from Bethlehem Lutheran Church. They first met at Ehlers Hall and in 1905, they moved to a building at 22nd and Angelica Street. This building housed a church and school on the main floor and a parsonage upstairs. In 1913, they constructed a new church on the same lot but continued to use the old building as a school.

In 1937, a fire caused extensive damage to the interior of the church but they were able to recover and rebuild. Several years later, they started a building program that resulted in a new structure in 1950. At that time, they tore down the original church and added a school for first through eighth grade. Markus and Bethlehem sponsored the Northside Lutheran School from 1968 through 1971 and then, in 1977, the school joined the Central City Lutheran School Association. As the neighborhood changed around it, Markus lost membership and in 1981, the congregation closed.

Thanks to Mark Bliese at Concordia Seminary for his assistance with the history of this congregation.

Location 1904–1981: 4032 North 22nd Street, St. Louis, Missouri 63107

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.6636476,-90.2103753  Google map is here.

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