The street addresses and dates in the following index represent our best effort to provide accurate information. However, the reader should keep in mind that the information was compiled from a variety of sources including community and congregation histories and therefore some of the dates may be inconsistent.

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Any location not otherwise designated is in the City of St. Louis.

Congregation Location Approximate Dates
Maffitt Street Methodist Chapel Taylor & Maffitt Avenue 1891–1894
Manchester Baptist Church [SBC] 625 Meramec Station Road, Ballwin 1959–2009
Manchester Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses 115 Baxter Road, Manchester 1984–
Manchester Methodist Church (see Manchester United Methodist Church) 129 Woods Mill Road, Manchester 1859–1969
Manchester Methodist Episcopal Church (see Manchester United Methodist Church) 129 Woods Mill Road, Manchester 1826–1859
Manchester United Methodist Church 129 Woods Mill Road, Manchester 1997–
Maple Avenue Methodist Church 5470 Maple Avenues 1895–1957
Maple Temple Church of God in Christ [COGIC] 5195 Maple Avenue 1960–
Maplewood Apostolic Church 6901 Bruno 1939–
Maplewood Apostolic Church 2199 Forest Avenue 1939–
Maplewood Apostolic Church, Maplewood 6920 Manchester Road, Maplewood 1985–1991
Maplewood Baptist Church 2806 Marshall Avenue, Maplewood
7303 Marietta Avenue, Maplewood
Sutton & Manchester Road, Maplewood
Maplewood Bible Chapel 7138 Southwest Avenue, Maplewood 1956–
Maplewood Christian Church Rosalind & Manchester Road, Manchester 1896–
Maplewood Christian Church [Disciples of Christ] 2737 Sutton Avenue, Maplewood
Maplewood Congregational Church 1517 McCausland Avenue 1893–2009
Maplewood Methodist Church 7411 Flora Avenue, Maplewood 1905–1956
Maplewood United Methodist Church 7409 Flora Avenue, Maplewood 1956–
Maranatha Baptist Church 9404 Aetna Drive, Bellefontaine Neighbors
Maranatha Christian Community Church [Spanish] 9744 Lackland Road, Overland 2007–
Marcus Evangelical Lutheran Church [UAC]>/a> Angelica & 22nd Street 1912–1970
Markham Memorial Presbyterian Church 1614 Menard Street 1901–1958
Markus Lutheran Church 4032 North 22nd Street 1904–1981
Marshall Heights Baptist Church 2501 Marshall (Rockford) Avenue, Richmond Heights 1940–1960
Martin Luther Lutheran Church [LCWS] 10151 Sappington Road, Sappington 1970–
Marvin Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church 1129 Sidney Street 1891–1990
Marvin Methodist South Mission 2629 Menard Street 1875–1981
Marvin Park Methodist Episcopal Church Woodson & St. Charles Rock Road, Breckenridge Hills 1914–1962
Marvin Park United Methodist Church 9355 St. Charles Rock Road, Breckenridge Hills 1962–2010
Mary Ann Baptist Church 3714 Wright Avenue, Overland 1938–1952
Mary Mother of the Church Catholic Church 5901 Kerth Road, Mehlville 1971–
Mary, Queen of Peace Catholic Church 676 West Lockwood Avenue, Webster Groves 1922–
Mary Queen of the Universe Catholic Church 4230 Ripa Avenue, Lemay 1955–2003
Maryland Heights Presbyterian Church 200 Harding Avenue, Maryland Heights
Shumate & Dorsett Roads, Maryland Heights
Fee Fee & Dorsett Roads, Maryland Heights
Marshall Heights Baptist Church 2501 Marshall (Rockford) Avenue, Richmond Heights 1940–1960
Mary Ann Baptist Church 3714 Wright Avenue, Overland 1938–1952
Masjid Al-Mu’minun Mosque [Islamic-Moslem] 1434 North Grand Boulevard 1992–
Masjid Bait-ul Hafeez Mosque [Islamic] 4529 Emerson Avenue 2007–
Masjid Hazrat Mosque [Islamic] 4700 South Grand Boulevard 2007–
Mayflower Congregational Church Garfield Avenue 1869–1876
McCausland Presbyterian Church 1517 McCausland Avenue
McKnight Road Church of Christ 2515 South McKnight Road, Ladue 1982–
Meacham Park First Baptist Church Meacham & Milwaukee Avenue [NE], Kirkwood Before 1941–
Meditation Spiritual Christ Church Temple 1801 East Prairie Avenue
Mehlville Baptist Church 802 Kinswood Lane, Mehlville 1963–
Mehlville Congregation Jehovah’s Witnesses 4627 Baumgartner Road, Mehlville 1996–
Mellow Memorial United Methodist Church 6701 Virginia Avenue 1941–2007
Memorial Baptist Church 4001 Fair Avenue 1958–
Memorial Baptist Church, Kinloch Carson Road (Martin Luther King Boulevard) near Stanza Avenue, Kinloch Before 1941–
Memorial Boulevard Christian Church [Disciples of Christ] 3000 North Kingshighway Boulevard 1929–
Memorial Congregational Church 6234 Victoria Avenue
1510 Sulphur Avenue
Memorial Presbyterian Church 1426 Warren Street 1921–1929
Memorial Presbyterian Church, Clayton [PCA] 201 South Skinker Boulevard, Clayton 1925–
Memorial Tabernacle Church 1350 South Lafayette St, Florissant 2007–
Memorial United Methodist Church 2157 South Jefferson Avenue 1896–1982
Menard Street Mission Church 1610 Menard Street 1875–
Meramec Valley Baptist Church [SBC] 401 Vest Avenue, Valley Park 1900–
Mercy Seat Missionary Baptist Church 4424 Washington Avenue 1918–
Messenger Pentecostal Church of God 602 Summit Road, Fenton 1994–
Messiah Evangelical Church 6520 Arsenal Street 1924–1928
Messiah Lutheran Church [LCMS] 3547 Pestalozzi Street
2846 South Grand Boulevard
Messiah’s Tabernacle Church 4956 Emerson Avenue 1995–
Metro Christian Worship Center 3452 Potomac 1991–
Metropolitan Community Church 1919 South Broadway 2008–
Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church, Jennings 5300 Helen Avenue, Jennings 1975–
Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church, Kinloch 8325 Scudder Road, Kinloch 1985–
Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church 5850 Cates Avenue 1985–2003
Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church 1120 Dolman Street 1984–1996
Mid-County Church of Christ 8001 Dale Avenue, Richmond Heights 2008–
MiddleTree Church [Non-Denominational] 724 Union Avenue
Midland Baptist Church 9305 Midland Avenue, Overland 1915–1952
Midwest Church of Christ 510 North Florissant Road, Ferguson 1940–
Midwestern Baptist Church 3927 North Market Street 1997–
Midwestern Missionary Baptist Church 3927 North Market Street 1981–1997
Miracle Temple Church of God In Christ [COGIC] 4001 Jennings Station Road, Normandy 1937–
Mishgan Israel Congregation 1428 North Garrison Avenue
Mission Congregational Church Grand Avenue & Lucky Street 1867–1869
Mission of Our Savior (see All Saints Episcopal Church)
Mission Presbyterian Church Wellston Before 1911–
Missionary Assembly Church of Christ 7121 Manchester Road 1925–1970
Mizpah Presbyterian Church [USA] 11339 St. Charles Rock Road, Bridgeton
Fee Fee Road & Old St. Charles Rock Road, Bridgeton
Monument of Faith Church of God In Christ (COGIC) 5400 Janet Avenue, Jennings 1920–
Monumental Missionary Baptist Church 4368 Page Boulevard
Morgan Street Christian Church 4322 Kennerly
Morgan (Delmar) Street
Morganford Church of Christ 3551 Morganford Road 1954–
Morganford Road Baptist Church Morgan Ford Road between Eichelberger & Gravois 1907–1956
Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church 2614 James Cool Papa Bell Avenue (Dickson Street) 1953–
Mosley Memorial Baptist Church 3619 Finney Avenue 1902–1940
Most Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church 5017 Northland Avenue 1914–2001
Most Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church 2035 East Grand Boulevard 1916–1992
Most Holy Rosary Catholic Church 3905 Clarence Avenue
4325 Margaretta
Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church 3519 North 14th Street 1849–
Most Holy Trinity Slovak Catholic Church 1812 South 9th Street 1924–1989
Most Precious Blood Catholic Church 3635 Union Road, Lemay 1961–2003
Mound Methodist Church 10th & Chambers Street 1850–1870
Mount Airy Missionary Baptist Church 4700 Maffitt Avenue
Mount Auburn Methodist Church, Jennings 8841 Lucas & Hunt Road, Jennings 1963–2006
Mount Auburn Methodist Church 2500 Hodiamont Avenue 1899–1976
Mount Auburn Methodist Episcopal Church Hodiamont & Wabada 1899–1910
Mount Auburn-Wesley United Methodist Church 8841 Lucas & Hunt Road, Normandy 1976–2002
Mount Bethel Missionary Baptist Church 1524 Belt Avenue
Mount Beulah Missionary Baptist Church 7823 Racine Drive, Hanley Hills 1971–
Mount Cabanne Christian Church Kingshighway & Enright Avenue
Marcus & Easton Avenue
Mount Calvary Episcopal (see St. Mark’s) 1871–1918
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church 1444 Union Boulevard 1913–1964
Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Brentwood [LCMS] 9321 Litzinger Avenue, Brentwood
Brentwood and Rosalie
Mount Calvary Warriors Church [Non-Denominational] 6403 Ridge Avenue, Wellston 1958–
Mount Carmel Catholic Church 8115 Church Road 1863–
Mount Carmel Methodist Episcopal Church Centaur (Wildwood) 1911–
Mount Carmel Missionary Baptist Church 5501 Oriole Avenue 1998–2007
Mount Chapel Missionary Baptist Church 2929 Lambdin Street 2006–
Mount Esther Baptist Church 4720 Greer Avenue circa 1993–
Mount Gideon Missionary Baptist Church 6505 Etzel Avenue, University City 1972–
Mount Grace Catholic Chapel 1438 East Warne Avenue 1927–
Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church 2719 North Taylor Avenue 2000–
Mount Herald Missionary Baptist Church 3627 Sullivan Avenue 2008–
Mount Hope Evangelical Congregation Church 3661 DeTonty Street 1925–1962
Mount Ivory Missionary Baptist Church 4111 Goodfellow Boulevard 2007–
Mount Justice Missionary Baptist Church 5391 Drive Martin Luther King Drive 2010–
Mount Lebanon Missionary Baptist Church 1414 North Taylor Avenue
Mount Nebo Missionary Baptist Church 4981 Theodore Avenue
Mount Olive Baptist Church 227 Eddy Avenue, Ferguson Before 1941–
Mount Olive Lutheran Church [LCMS] 4246 Shaw Boulevard
1816 Klemm
Mount Olive Methodist Church 4246 Shaw Avenue
Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church 2912 St. Louis Avenue 1964–
Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church 1201 Armstrong Avenue (McKay Place) 1930–2005
Mount Pleasant Baptist Church 18711 Wild Horse Creek, Wildwood 1860–1922
Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church 2854 Abner Place 1987–
Mount Sinai Baptist Church 4457 Martin Luther King Drive 1979–
Mount Tabor Evangelical & Reformed Church 6506 Arsenal Street 1928–1951
Mount Tabor United Church of Christ [ESNA] 6520 Arsenal Street 1951–
Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church 3950 Carter Avenue 2003–
Mount Zion Baptist Church 2765 LaSalle Street 1922–
Mount Zion Baptist Church 1624 South Hanley Road, Richmond Heights Before 1941–1991
Mount Zion General Baptist Church 7451 Blanding Drive, Ferguson 1968–
Mount Zion Methodist Episcopal Church Central (Olive) & Ballas (Old Ballas), Creve Coeur 1870–1962
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church 1444 South Compton Avenue Before 1992–
Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church 1500 South Hanley Road, Richmond Heights 1981–
Mount Zion United Methodist Church 1485 Craig Road, Creve Coeur 1867–
Musick Baptist Church 790 Fee Fee Road, Maryland Heights 1874–
Nash Prayer Band Mission Church [Non-Denominational] 1914 North Taylor Avenue 1998–
Nathan Harris Jewish Congregation [Hebrew Orthodox] 1215 Glasgow Avenue 1860–1891
Nathan Harris Glasgow Place 1918–
Nathan Harris Congregation Glasgow & Dayton 1930–
National Memorial Family Church of God in Christ [COGIC] 620 North Spring Avenue 1956–2001
Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church 5501 Oriole Avenue, St. Louis 1905–1982
Nazarene Baptist Church 114 Willis Avenue, Webster Groves 1940–
Nazareth Evangelical United Church of Christ [ESNA] 3554 Morganford Road 1905–1994
Nazareth Temple Church of God in Christ [COGIC] 3300 Marshall Avenue, St. John
5001 Emerson Avenue
3704 Garfield
Bacon & Market
Nelson Presbyterian Church 6500 Natural Bridge Road, Normandy 1900–
Neve Sholom Jewish Synagogue 1240 Dautel Lane, Creve Coeur
1040 Dautel Lane, Creve Coeur
Neve Sholom 6 Millstone Campus Drive, Creve Coeur
New Community Church 16801 Manchester Road, Wildwood
New Age Missionary Baptist Church 2601 Prairie Avenue 1996–
New Beginnings Apostolic Church 6746 Etzel Avenue, University City 1997–
New Beginnings Missionary Baptist Church 4055 Edmundson Road, Woodson Terrace 2003–
New Bethany Baptist Church 2126 St. Louis Avenue 1931–1936
New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church 1061 Theobald Street 1981–
New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church 4205 West Easton Avenue (Dr. Martin Luther King Drive)
New Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church 1260 North Euclid Avenue 1945–2009
New Birth Missionary Baptist Church 5501 Oriole Avenue 1983–1991
New Birth Missionary Baptist Church 1034 South Kingshighway Boulevard 2008–2010
New Canaan Missionary Baptist Church 5607 Martin Luther King Drive
New Christ Temple [Non-Denominational] 3027 North Taylor Avenue 1990–
New Christian Hope Missionary Baptist Church 4201 Kennedy Avenue 1986–
New Christian Light Missionary Baptist Church 4371 Cook Avenue 1989–
New City Fellowship Presbyterian [PCA] 3502 Grace Avenue 2009–
New City Fellowship Presbyterian, University City [PCA] 1483 82nd Boulevard, University City 2000–
New Community Baptist Church 16801 Manchester Road, Wildwood 1997–
New Community Hispanic Church 3443 Grace Avenue 1998–2009
New Cote Brilliante Church of God 6195 Washington Boulevard 1991–
New Covenant Church 1401 Timberlake Manor Parkway, Chesterfield 1998–2011
New Covenant Fellowship 11151 Larimore Road, Spanish Lake 1967–1986
New Covenant Full Gospel Church 7425 Virginia Avenue 2000–
New Covenant United Methodist Church 900 Bellerive Boulevard 2009–
New Damascus Church [Non-Denominational] 2120 McLaran Avenue, Jennings –2000
New Destiny Apostolic Church 7174 Manchester Road, Maplewood 2012–
New Direction Sanctuary of Praise Church 4645 Martin Luther King Drive
New Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church 4341 West Maffitt Avenue 2005–
New Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church 6233 Chatham Avenue, Wellston 1950–
New Good Hope Baptist Church 4505 Jennings Station Road, Jennings circa 1960–
New Harmony General Baptist Church 1501 Penrose Street 1970–2004
New Home Missionary Baptist Church 4029 Aldine Avenue 1955–
New Home Tabernacle Church of God In Christ [COGIC] 3950 Carter Avenue 1992–2003
New Hope Apostolic Church of God 3554 Morganford Road 2011–
New Hope Baptist Church, Berkley 4450 Edmundson Road, Berkeley 1997–
New Hope Baptist Church, Brentwood 8621 Rose Avenue, Brentwood Before 1941–
New Hope Missionary Baptist Church 3554 Morganford Road
1428 Biddle Street
New Horizon Seventh Day Christian Church 206 Emerling Drive, Cool Valley 1966–
New Horizons Presbyterian Church [USA] 9424 Everman Avenue, Overland 1945–
New Jerusalem Apostolic Christian Church 8204 Page Avenue, Vinita Park
New Jerusalem Apostolic Church 2126 St. Louis Avenue 1929–1930
New Jerusalem Church of God In Christ (COGIC) 2035 East Grand Boulevard 1993–
New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church 1605 North Euclid Avenue 1984–
New Journey Baptist Church 4555 Virginia Avenue 2001–
New Life Christian Church 1170 Wiethaupt Road, Florissant 2001–
New Life Church In Christ [Apostolic] 4513 Olive Street 2008–
New Life Community Church 8400 North Broadway
New Life Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church 306 Taylor Road, Hazelwood 2012–
New Morningstar Baptist Church 5883 Martin Luther King Drive 1978–
New Mount Zion Church of Christ 1661 McLaran
New Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church 4966 Arlington Avenue Before 1997–
New Paradise Missionary Baptist Church 3524 Russell Boulevard 1997–
New Perfect Peace Missionary Baptist Church 3540 Marcus Avenue 2012–
New Revelation Christian Church 601 McKinley Avenue, Kirkwood 2008–2011
New Rock Missionary Baptist Church 1527 Dick Gregory Place 2001–
New Salem Baptist Church 1905 Arlington Avenue
New Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church 1501 Bremen 1994–1997
New Star Missionary Baptist Church 5201 Thrush Avenue
New Sunny Mount Missionary Baptist Church 6080 West Florissant Avenue 1990–2000
New Sunny Mount Missionary Baptist Church 4700 West Florissant Avenue 1993–
New Testament Apostolic Church 8108 Page Avenue, University City
New Testament Christian Church 6336 Tennessee Avenue 1983–
New Testament Christian Church, Berkley 6250 Evergreen Boulevard, Berkeley 2007–
New Tower Grove Baptist Church 4400 Delmar Boulevard
New Tower Grove Baptist Church 2911 Howard Street 1926–
New Union Vine Missionary Baptist Church 3501 Evans Avenue 2000–
New White Stone Missionary Baptist Church 1444 Union Boulevard 1964–
Newstead Avenue Missionary Baptist Church 4370 North Market Street 1950–
Normandy Presbyterian Church 501 North Hills Drive 1940–2003
Normandy United Methodist Church 8000 Natural Bridge Road, Bel Nor 1969–
North American Martyrs Catholic Church 1400 South Lafayette St, Florissant 1955–
North Cabanne Presbyterian Church 1912–
North City Church of Christ 5076 Durant Avenue 2006–
North Galilee Baptist Church 2514 Leffingwell Avenue 1923–1955
North Galilee Missionary Baptist Church 9864 Jacobi Avenue, Jennings 2007–
North Hills Church of Christ 1243 North Hills Lane, Normandy
North Hills United Methodist Church 10771 Trask Drive, Ferguson 1962–
North Lindbergh Church of Christ 19 Grand Circle Drive, Maryland Heights
North Park United Methodist Church 1525 Orchid Avenue 1990–
North Presbyterian Church St Louis & Warne Avenues 1845–
North Presbyterian Church 2005 North 11th Street 1857–1908
North Presbyterian Church 3965 St. Louis Avenue 1917–1942
North St. Louis Christian Church 8th & Mound Avenue 1870–1888
Northern Missionary Baptist Church 4449 Red Bud Avenue 1971–2010
Northminster Presbyterian Church 3944 Carter Avenue
Northminster Presbyterian Church Grand Avenue, Dellwood 1883–
Northminster Presbyterian Church [PCA] 1570 Chambers Road, Dellwood 1953–
Northside Christian Church [Disciples of Christ] 9635 Lewis & Clark Boulevard, Jennings
Northside Fellowship Assembly of God 9744 Lackland Road, Overland 1954–2007
Northside Seventh-day Adventist Church 9001 Lucas And Hunt Road, Jennings
Northside Unity Christ Church 5345 Fletcher Street, Jennings
Northview Holiness Temple Church of God in Christ [COGIC] 1442 Hudson Road, Ferguson 1986–
Northwest Foursquare Church 11150 Old Saint Charles Road, St. Ann
Northwest Islamic Center 10543 Lackland Road, Overland 2007–
Notre Dame de Lourdes Catholic Church 1701 Kienlen Avenue, Wellston 1902–1992
Nuelsen Methodist Church 2851 Pestalozzi Street 1915–1925
Nusach Hari-B’Nai Zion Jewish Congregation 8630 Olive Boulevard, Olivette
650 North Price Road, Olivette
Nussach Hari Jewish Synagogue [Hebrew Orthodox] 1125 North 11th Street
1401 Carr Avenue
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