Three business ledgers donated to the Webster Groves Historical Society belonged to well-known local businesses. Two of them are clearly identified but the third is not marked. It contains names of people who visited some organization in Webster Groves in the late 1890s. (If you can help us identify the origins of this ledger, please contact StLGS!)

Holekamp Lumber was founded in 1908 and remained in business until the mid-1980s. The White Rose Service Station was located at Lockwood and Allen, a corner that today houses a bank and a popular restaurant. The content of the pages of all three ledgers varies, but, for the most part, you will find names, addresses, and financial information, although it is unclear exactly what the amounts are, likely running tabs or payment/credit amounts.

Holekamp Lumber, 1910–1911

Unidentified Ledger, c. 1896–1898

White Rose Service Station, c. 1925–1932

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