Journal of the Society

The society publishes a scholarly journal, the StLGS Quarterly, four times per year. This journal began in 1968 and continues to the present. It includes original articles, book reviews, record transcriptions, and other items of interest. A subscription to the StLGS Quarterly is a benefit of membership.

The StLGS Quarterly is delivered to members as a link to a PDF file via email. Members without email service may elect to receive their journal through the postal mail. Each quarter, subscribers receive email notification that the current StLGS Quarterly is available. Members can save the journal to their own computers to read at their leisure, view the newsletter online, or print a copy to their local printer.

If you are receiving your Quarterly by postal mail and would like to change to email service, email your request to
or call the office at 314-647-8547.

If you have missed an issue or need to get another copy, members can access the past four issues online. If you are logged in, click on the gold “StLGS Member Benefits” button on the home page, OR click here for access.

Article Submission

We encourage article submissions from our members. The StLGS Quarterly editor(s) will consider publishing any submission that has merit to genealogical research with an emphasis on the St. Louis area.

Please refer to the “Guidelines for Publication” for more information about the types of articles accepted and their preferred formats. Click on the blue link for an Acrobat Reader (PDF) version of the Guidelines for Publication.

Questions about submissions and/or articles sent as MS Word attachments may be sent to the StLGS Quarterly editor(s) at .

We recommend reviewing previous issues of the Quarterly for a sense of the kinds of articles that will be of interest to our readers.

Back Issues

The indexes to the StLGS Quarterly are open to all; however, only St. Louis Genealogical Society members have access to the actual journal files. Become a Member button

Full-text StLGS Quarterly issues from Volume 1 (1968) to Volume 50 (2017) are available online. To make the back issues easier to navigate, StLGS volunteers have created a set of indexes: author, subject, surname, title, and volume/page numbers. Click here to go to the Quarterly Back Issues page for access to the actual journals.

Single back issues of the StLGS Quarterly are available as electronic files (PDFs) and can be sent as emails upon request. A limited number of printed issues of the StLGS Quarterly are kept at the office and may be purchased for $5.00 each (which includes postage and handling). Articles may be duplicated from these issues for ten cents per page, plus postage and handling, if mailed. Please contact the society office at for specific needs.


The StLGS Quarterly does not accept advertising at this time.

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