Monument companies usually retain information about the deceased in their city. The monument company may clip local obituaries in anticipation of new business. If you can not locate a death record, a monument company may be of assistance. One St. Louis monument company photocopied the obituaries from the newspaper every day starting in the late 1950s.

Those practicing certain religions use some monument companies; usually customers of certain cemeteries use others. Location and family tradition play an important roll in this decision.

Jewish Faith Monument Company

Rosenbloom Monument Company
7501 Olive Street Rd. ; St. Louis, MO 63130 ; 314.721.5070

A major source of monuments for the Jewish community since 1905. Purchase orders 1918-1928. Work cards since 1922 indexed on microfiche. Records provide cemetery location, monument purchasers (with addresses), and inscriptions, which often includes the Hebrew name, father’s name, and birth and death dates. Work cards are regularly cross-referenced to other family members’ stones. Card file index 1922 to the late 1970s with newspaper death notices often attached. Single sheet maps for all Jewish cemeteries at Chevra Kadisha.

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