Constance McLaughlin attended Yeatman High School in St. Louis. She, like many others during the early twentieth century, kept a memory book, dated 12 June 1914, during her senior year. The memory book contains pages Constance cut from the actual Yeatman High 1914 yearbook. We cannot be certain she included all the yearbook pages, but in addition to the individual photos, the book contains autographs, group photos, cartoons, and other items important to Constance during her senior year.

Constance also kept group photos of her class. There is a photo taken for their commencement in 1914 that has no names on it. However, if you find a person of interest in the memory book, you may be able to match their face in the group photo.

The photos for the 25th and 50th reunions of her graduating class, dated 1939 and 1964, are accompanied, on separate pages, by names of those attending, listed by rows. The 50th reunion photo is accompanied by a list of all of the members of the graduating class. Our indexers have indicated who actually attended the reunion; those people are denoted by an asterisk on the original list, as you will see when you open that file.

Constance also kept a copy of the 1918 Washington University Commencement of the class of 1918 program. All the names in that program were indexed.

We thank StLGS past-president Ed Dolata for allowing us to borrow these materials to scan, index, and publish.


Yeatman H.S. Class Photo and Memory Book, 1914

Yeatman H.S. 25th Reunion Photo, 1939

Yeatman H.S. 50th Reunion Photo, 1964

Yeatman H.S. 1914 Graduates (as of 1964)

Washington University Commencement Program, 1918

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