According to the school commencement program for the St. Louis Central High School, this class held their ceremony on 27 January 1888 at 10:00 a.m. in the Entertainment Hall of the Exposition Building.

The class list indicates that Rosa Hesse read an essay on Socrates; Bertha B. Westbrook on “Freedom of Thought and Speech,” Jessie Gambrill on “Progress of Civilization,” Carrie B. Jordan on “Key Notes of History,” and Amelia D. Sarot gave a French recitation “La Retour dans la Patrie.” Gerry Barnes spoke on “Government in Russia” and James L. G. Hopkins on “Self Reliance.” W. Palmer Clarkson wondered, “How Little We Know,” and Edwardina Thomson spoke on “Jerusalem 2000 Years Ago.” Ms. Giles, the author, wrote that it must have been quite a relief to the audience when they finally got around to giving out the diplomas.

Barbara S. Giles provided this information for publication in the 1990 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 23, number 2, page 76.

Graduates of St. Louis Central High School, 1888

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