The ship Johannes departed from Bremen and arrived in New Orleans on 23 October 1854. The passenger list includes the name of the passenger, age, sex, occupation, hometown, and destination.

This information was transcribed for the 1999 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 32, number 3, pages 111–116.

In April 2008, an e-mail from Wolfgang Silger, archivist for Kreis Herford, a county in Germany, provided additional information from that county’s records for some of the passengers from Kreis Herford. The kreis’s records include the names of about 10,000 people who left the kreis for America in the 19th century. This information is enclosed in braces ({new info}). Any references to other passengers are referred to by that passenger’s number. Surnames with umlauts are anglicized and the German spelling is provided in the notes in braces. Locations with umlauts are not changed.

Ship Johannes, 23 Oct 1854

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