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Genealogical Data

The baptism, confirmation, marriage, and death records linked below are limited for privacy. StLGS is following state guidelines wherever possible. As of 2019, births/baptisms online are at least one hundred years old, hence, prior to 1919; confirmations are at least eighty-six years old, prior to 1933; marriages are at least forty-five years old, prior to 1974; and deaths are at least fifty years old, prior to 1969. Additional indexed data from these records may be available; please come to the StLGS office to view it. As privacy limits permit, society volunteers will add the data online.

The following indexes from this congregation are available:

Baptisms from 1843 to 1919

Confirmations from 1843 to 1933

Marriages from 1843 to 1969

Deaths recorded from 1843 to 1974

The indexes are arranged by last name, then given name. Each entry points to the church register sections that contain the written entry. Unlike other German congregations, these indexes were not created by StLGS, and so they do not contain references to place names. In the future, however, we do plan to add European place names to these indexes. If you are interested in helping to do that, please contact us.


Established: 1843, still open

The congregation was established in 1843 as part of the German Evangelical Congregation at 6th and Locust in St. Louis City. Church members broke away from Holy Ghost Evangelical Church and met in the Benton School. In 1845 the congregation built two identical buildings, one at Jackson (now 3rd) and Soulard (now Lafayette) known as the South church (Untere Kirche), which, in 1848, became St. Marcus Evangelical Church, and one at 15th (now 14th) and Carr known as the North Church (Obere Kirche), which became St. Peter’s Evangelical Church. The original St. Peter’s church was replaced with a new church in 1850 on the same site. In 1851 the church joined the Evangelical Synod of North America. The congregation established St. Peter’s UCC Cemetery in 1855. The building was damaged by a tornado in 1890 and rebuilt.

In 1906, the congregation purchased three lots at St. Louis Ave. and Warne (now Bishop P. L. Scott Avenue). After erecting a school and chapel, the congregation built a new church in 1915. In 1957, the church established a mission chapel at Stein and West Florissant. The church was sold in 1973 and the congregation consolidated at the Ferguson location. The Bishop P. L. Scott Avenue church is now the site of the Lively Stone Church of God.

Address: 1425 Stein Road, Ferguson, Missouri 63135

Telephone: 314-521-5694

Website: http://www.stpeterschurch.org

Location 1846–1915: 14th and Carr Streets, St. Louis, Missouri 63106

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): @38.6367692, -90.1995317   View Map

Location 1915–1973: St. Louis Avenue and (currently) Bishop P. L. Scott Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63107

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): @38.6591991, -90.2311976   View Map

Location 1973–: 1425 Stein Road, Ferguson, Missouri 63135

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.7576017,  -90.2823491   View Map

St Peter's Evangelical Church

St. Peter’s Evangelical Church
on Stein Road

Photo by Phil Klasskin © 2013
(Used with permission)


St Peter Evangelical Church

St. Peter’s Evangelical Church
on 14th & Carr

Photo from Donald A. Wallace © 2015
(Used with permission)

Two cemeteries are associated with St. Peter’s UCC Church. One is St. Peter’s Cemetery at 2101 Lucas and Hunt. This non-denominational cemetery was established in 1855 and contains many burials of slaves and other African-Americans. The Evangelical Children’s Home Cemetery, at 8240 St. Charles Rock Road, contains mostly children who died at the Evangelical Children’s Home.

Access Evangelical Children’s Home Cemetery here.

Access St. Peter’s UCC Cemetery here.

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