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Baptisms from 1882–1913

Confirmations from 1883–1893 and 1895–1913

Marriages from 1882–1913

Deaths from 1882–1913


Established in 1882, closed in 1913
(PLEASE NOTE: The name of this congregation varies from St. Paul’s to St. Pauls and from Frieden to Friedens. We have picked one consistent spelling, but you may find it in multiple ways.)

In 1882, Rev. Otto Telle, pastor of St. Paul’s Church at 9th and Soulard, resigned over a conflict with the congregation. Telle and a group of his supporters immediately founded St. Paul’s-Friedens. Telle was subsequently suspended from membership in the Fourth District of the Evangelical Synod.

They initially reorganized as a congregation of the German Augsburg Synod (Lutheran), but in 1905, they petitioned to become part of the Evangelical Synod. They first built a small church on the southeast corner of 13th and Allen Streets in 1886, located only a few blocks southwest of their former church. In 1886, the congregation replaced their old brick structure with a new church on the same site. Suffering financial problems and the resignation of their pastor, the church closed in 1913 and petitioned to have their members absorbed by the Jesus United Church of Christ, located at 1115 Victor Street.

Address: 13th and Allen Streets, St. Louis, Missouri

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.6090365, -90.3898304 View map.

St. Paul's Friedens Evangelical1222 Allen Ave.-1886
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