(ESNA—Evangelical Synod of North America)

Genealogical Data

The following records from this congregation are available:

Baptisms from 1903 to 1918

Confirmations from 1903 to 1932

Marriages from 1903 to 1942

Deaths from 1903 to 1942

StLGS is following state guidelines for privacy wherever possible. Births/baptisms online must be at least one hundred years old; confirmations eighty-six years old; marriages forty-five years old; and deaths fifty years old. Additional indexed data from these records is available; please come to the StLGS office to view it. As privacy limits permit, society volunteers will post additional data online.


Established in 1903; closed in 1994

Nazareth UCC3554 Morganford Rd.
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This congregation began in a home at Morganford and Miami and was admitted to the Evangelical Synod of North America, ESNA, shortly afterward. The ESNA combined the older German Lutheran and Reformed doctrines into one. By 1906, the congregation was able to build a church at Morganford and Tholozan, which remained active until 1994.

Location 1903–1994: 3554 Morganford at Tholozan, St. Louis, Missouri 63116
GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.593531,-90.2643012 View Map

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