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Baptisms from 1894 to 1909

Marriages from 1895 to 1909

Pastors from 1891 to 1910

Members Removed from 1893 to 1910
(Within this list of members who left the congregation are many notices of deaths.)

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Established in 1893; left the UCC denomination in 1960

church name1517 McCausland Avenue
Photo © 2011 Maplewood Congregational
(Used with permission)

This congregation, often called Maplewood’s first church, began in 1893 as the Church of the Covenant. In 1897, their church building, just a year old, was destroyed by a tornado.

By 1911, they had erected a new building on the same site, which they occupied for thirty years before relocating to St. Louis City. Their new home had been the McCausland Avenue Presbyterian Church. The congregation left the UCC in 1960, becoming a member of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

Location 1896–1897, 1911–1941: 2736 Sutton Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63143
GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.6112881,-90.3219269 View Map

Location 1941–1960: 1517 McCausland Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63117
GPS (Latitude, Longitude): @38.6247696,-90.3100926 View Map

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