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Baptisms from 1858 to 1915

Confirmations from 1859 to 1929

Marriages from 1858 to 1971

Deaths recorded from 1858 to 1965

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Friedens UCC published a monthly magazine called Friedens Messenger. The society has received a collection of these magazines, which contain information about births, baptisms, marriages, and deaths. For privacy reasons, we have limited online files to 1940 and earlier.

Friedens Evangelical UCC Church
Photo from Eden Theological Seminary Archive Collection (Used with permission)

These magazines are currently unindexed; they may be browsed only. We are looking for volunteers to index these publications. If you are interested, please contact our office.


Established: 1857, closed in 2010

Friedens United Church of Christ Church (also known as Friedens German Evangelical Church or Friedens Evangelical and Reformed Church) was founded in 1857 and closed in 2010. (The word Friedens means “peace” in German.) It was largely a German congregation. They first met in the basement of the Fairmount Presbyterian Church at 9th and Penrose until 1861. The church acquired land at 19th and Newhouse and the cornerstone was laid for the new church in August 1860. The following year, on 21 April 1861, the new church, a Gothic brick structure, was completed and dedicated.

Plans for a new church began in 1906 and the cornerstone for that facility was laid in July 1907. That English Gothic church at 1908 Newhouse served Friedens until it closed in 2010.

Address: 1908 Newhouse St. Louis, Missouri

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.664318, -90.203661 View map.

Frieden’s Cemetery was established on Broadway, just north of Baden, in 1864.

Access to Friedens UCC Cemetery

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