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The following records from this congregation are available:

Baptisms from 1886 to 1920

Confirmations from 1887 to 1934

Deaths from 1886 to 1964

Marriages from 1886 to 1963

Members list from 1886 to 1894

Pastors from 1886 to 1935

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Established in 1886; still active in 2017

Ebenezer Evangelical Lutheran2921 McNair Avenue
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(Used with permission)

In 1886, the Evangelical Synod Mission Board organized a new congregation, called Ebenezer Evangelical, to serve southwestern St. Louis. The members initially met in a former Methodist chapel on McNair Avenue, and the congregation purchased the building the following spring. They erected a parochial school building in 1887. The growing congregation built a church on an adjoining lot and dedicated that building in 1891. In 1964, the struggling St. Andrew Evangelical Church on California and Juniata Street merged with Ebenezer to become the Epiphany United Church of Christ. The church continues to serve the Benton Park neighborhood at the former Ebenezer church location.

Address: 2911 McNair Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63118

Telephone: 314-772-0263


Location 1886–1891: 2921 McNair Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63118

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): @38.5995142,-90.2214415 View Map

Location 1891–present: 2911 McNair Ave., St. Louis, Missouri 63118

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): @38.599785,-90.2213871 View Map


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