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The baptism, confirmation, marriage, and death records linked below are limited for privacy. StLGS is following state guidelines wherever possible. As of 2016, births/baptisms online are at least one hundred years old, hence, prior to 1916; confirmations are at least eighty-six years old, prior to 1930; marriages are at least forty-five years old, prior to 1971; and deaths are at least fifty years old, prior to 1966. Additional indexed data from these records may be available; please come to the StLGS office to view it. As privacy limits permit, society volunteers will add the data online.

The following indexes and/or records from this congregation are available:

Baptisms from 1869 to 1924

Confirmations from 1873 to 1938

Deaths from 1870 to 1974

Marriages from 1870 to 1979

Carondelet UCCPhoto courtesy of Landmarks Association
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Established 1869; still active in 2024

By the time of the Civil War, a number of German families had settled in the predominantly French Carondelet area of south St. Louis. In response to their need for an Evangelical church, the Rev. John Will, pastor of St. John’s Evangelical Church in Mehlville, organized the Deutsche Evangelische Gemeinde in Süd St. Louis (German Evangelical Congregation in South St. Louis) in 1869. The members first met in Blow School, then purchased property to build a permanent church at Fourth and Kirk Streets (now Michigan and Koeln) in 1870.

In 1939, after the merger to establish the Evangelical and Reformed Church, the church adopted the name Carondelet Evangelical and Reformed Church. As the congregation prospered, they replaced the old church with a new building on the same site. After another synod merger in 1957, the congregation became the Carondelet United Church of Christ.

Address: 7423 Michigan Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63111

Telephone No.: 314-353-0607

Website: www.carondeletucc.org

Location 1869-1870: Loughborough Ave & Virginia Ave, St. Louis

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.5550401,-90.2559815 View map

Location 1870-: 7423 Michigan Avenue, St. Louis

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.550389,-90.260102 View map

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