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Baptisms from 1921 to 1929

Confirmations from 1921 to 1928

Marriages from 1921 to 1928

Deaths Recorded from 1921 to 1929

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Established: 1921, closed in 1929

Bethany Evangelical Wildwood location mapMap from the Plat Book of St. Louis County, Missouri, 1909, originally published by the Northwest Publishing Company, Des Moines, Iowa; reprinted by St. Louis Genealogical Society with permission from County Executive Charlie Dooley in 2007.

In 1907 a group of people from the Wild Horse community in Meramec Township united to organize a new Presbyterian church on donated land. They erected a church and the congregation began to grow. After the church transferred their minister, the members found it difficult to find other clergy to conduct services at the remote church and in 1916 services ceased. A committee contacted Rev. Schumacher at the Gumbo Evangelical Church in August 1916, and requested him to hold services on every other Sunday at their church. This arrangement worked well and the church again became active. On 1 April 1921 members organized as the Bethany Evangelical Church of Wild Horse. The St. Louis Presbytery approved the change, dissolved the old church, and transferred the deed to the new Evangelical church. However, church records end in 1929, indicating this congregation apparently did not survive either.

Address: Wild Horse Creek Road, Meramec Township, Wildwood, Missouri

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.604892, -90.707398 View Map

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