Genealogical Data

Information about the first members of this church and some baptisms was first published in the 1994 St. Louis Genealogical Society Quarterly, volume 27, number 3, pages 80–82.

The following indexes from this congregation are available:

Baptisms from 1877–1880

Early Methodists 1805 and some members from 1864


Established: 1855

In May 1805, a group of citizens met to study the Bible and worship according to the teachings of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism. It is believed this small group eventually evolved into the Bellefontaine United Methodist Church.

James Russell Bissell donated six acres of land on the east side of Bellefontaine Road for a new church, which held its first service in 1855. A new building was erected in 1964, and the old building is still standing.

Address: 10600 Bellefontaine Road, Bellefontaine Neighbors, Missouri 63137

Telephone: 314-867-0800

GPS location: 38.763461, -90.220939 View Map

Bellefontaine Methodist Cemetery is located close to the church. The first grave was dated 1852 before James and Anna Bissell deeded the land to the church. There are ninety-six tombstones still legible on the property. Many of the graves were relocated to Bellefontaine Cemetery.

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Bellefontaine Methodist Episcopal
Bellefontaine United Methodist
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Bellefontaine United Methodist
Bellefontaine Methodist Episcopal
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