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Established in 1895

St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church began as a “daughter” of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church, located at Caroline and Theresa Streets in St. Louis City. In 1889, Christ Church opened a branch school and bought a lot at the corner of Vista and Newstead Avenues a year later. They erected a building intended to be both a school and a place of worship.

Five years later, on 6 March 1895, members of the new congregation, most of whom had children who had been attending the branch school, organized themselves as St. Peter’s and by September of that year, they installed a full-time pastor. By 1904, the congregation had outgrown the original building and found a lot at Swan and Newstead. They actually moved their building to the new site and used it for services while building a new, larger church, which they dedicated in 1907.

The congregation remained at that site until 1926, when they moved again, this time to the corner of Wichita Avenue and South Kingshighway Boulevard where they remained until closing in 2008.

St.Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church
1126 S. Kingshighway
Photo © 2011 Landmarks Association
(Used with permission)

old St.Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church
Swan and Newstead Avenues
Photo © 2011 Landmarks Association
(Used with permission)

Location 1895–1904: Vista and Newstead Avenues, St. Louis, Missouri 63110

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.6240612, -90.2603409  View Map

Location 1904–1926: Swan and Newstead Avenues, St. Louis, Missouri 63110

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.6257319, -90.2615637   View Map

Location 1926–2008: 1126 S. Kingshighway Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri 63110

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.6276979, -90.2663301  View Map

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