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Baptisms from 1902 to 1920

Marriages from 1944 to 1970

Deaths (Funerals) from 1944 to 1970

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Established in 1899; still active but under a new name, Humanitri, working exclusively with the homeless

Founded as Saint Louis Lutheran City Mission, this was not a congregation, but an umbrella organization of missions dedicated to providing assistance with health, counseling, and education as well as spiritual guidance. This charitable arm of the Lutheran church worked with prisons and hospitals, created a Christian free day school and chapel that came to be called Brauer Memorial Lutheran Chapel in 1932, and the Niedringhaus mission and chapel (renamed Good Shepherd Lutheran Chapel in 1935).

They took the following charitable groups under their wings: Lutheran Mission Industries, Martha’s Home for Women, Project Compassion, and the Ombudsman Nursing Home and Prison Ministry. During the 1930s and 1940s, they added three African American mission sites: the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection (1932–1952), Clinton-Peabody Terrance Mission/Peace Lutheran Church (1944–1948), and Good Samaritan Mission/Good Shepherd Colored (1944–1959).

Throughout their history, Lutheran missions served throughout the City of St. Louis. Because they were renting buildings for their charitable work, they moved frequently and the names for many of their services changed over time as well. By 1989, they were the Lutheran Ministries Association, and, in 2006, they merged with Friends of Moms and Good Samaritan Service Center for the Homeless to become Humanitri.

Address: 1447 East Grand Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63107

Telephone: 314-772-7720


(Because there have been so many locations for this organization during their long history and many of those places are no longer in existence, this map is to the current location only.)

Location 2006–current: 1447 East Grand Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri 63107

GPS (Latitude, Longitude): 38.6717553, -90.206656   View Map

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