The street addresses and dates in the following index represent our best effort to provide accurate information. However, the reader should keep in mind that the information was compiled from a variety of sources including community and congregation histories and therefore some of the dates may be inconsistent. The Jewish Genealogical Society of St. Louis also contributed to the development of this page.

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Temples & Synagogues Last Address Approximate Dates
Adas B’nai Israel 5596 Ridge Ave., Wellston 1930
Agudas Israel of St. Louis 8202 Delmar Blvd., University City Unknown-Open
Ahabath Achim 1385 Goodfellow Ave. Unknown
Ahawas Achim Anshel Rumania 1017 N. 19th St. 1913-1920
Ahawas Achim Anshel Rumania 1015 N. 19th St. 1911-1912
Ahawas Achim Anshel Rumania 1007 N. 19th St. 1909-1910
Ahawas Achim Anshel Rumania 19th & Wash Sts. 1908-1908
Anshei Woliner 1024 N. 7th St. 1899-1901
Bais Abraham Congregation 6910 Delmar Blvd., University City 1927-Open
Beth Abraham Goodfellow Blvd. 1917-1920
Beth Abraham 1401 Carr St. 1910-1916
Beth Abraham 14th & Carr Sts. 1908-1909
Beth David 1526 Belt Ave. 1920-1930
Beth David 1518 Belt Ave. 1910-1919
Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol 1227 North & South Rd., University City 2006-Open
Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol 5877 Bartmer Ave., University City 1930-2005
Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol 1125 N. 11th St. 1920-1929
Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol This congregation name had various spellings over the years.  
Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol 1123 N. 11th St. 1892-1919
Beth Hamedrosh Hagodol 929 N. 7th St. 1879-1886
B’nai Amoona Congregation 324 S. Mason Rd., Creve Coeur 2006-Open
B’nai Amoona Congregation 1212 Academy Ave. at Vernon Ave. 1920-2005
B’nai Amoona Congregation Lucas Ave. at Garrison St. 1906-1919
B’nai Amoona Congregation 824 Washington Ave. 1889-1905
B’nai Amoona Congregation 13th at Carr Ave. 1884-1888
B’nai El Congregation 11411 N. 40 Dr., Frontenac 2006-Open
B’nai El Congregation Emanu-El and B’nai B’rith merged to form this congregation.  
B’nai El Congregation Delmar & Clara Aves. 1930-2005
B’nai El Congregation 3666 Flad Ave. at Spring Ave. 1905-1929
B’nai El Congregation 11th St. & Chouteau Ave. 1874-1904
B’nai El Congregation 6th St. at Cerre St. 1852-1873
B’nai Israel 1005 N. 7th St. 1897-1901
B’nai Yeshrum Anshei Galizian 4305 Page Blvd. 1930-Unknown
B’nai Yeshrum Anshei Galizian 2117 Biddle St. 1920-1929
B’rith Sholom 6166 Delmar Blvd. 1930-1930
B’rith Sholom 1218 Glasgow Ave. 1920-1929
B’rith Sholom 1111 N. 14th St. 1910-1919
B’rith Sholom Kneseth Israel 1107 Linden Ave. Unknown-Open/td>
Central Reform Congregation 5020 Waterman Ave. 1984-Open
Chesed Shel Emeth 1260 N. Euclid Ave. 1919-1990s
Chevra Kadisha 924 N. 7th St. 1885-Unknown
Chevra Kadisha 7th St. between Franklin & Wash Aves. 1879-1884
Chevra Kadisha 7th St. at Carr Ave. 1877-1878
Chevra Kadisha This congregation name had various spellings over the years.  
Chevra Mishnajoth Anshei Wolhynia 1516 Biddle St. Unknown
Congregation Bais Israel 921 N. 9th St. 1909-1911
Congregation Bais Menachem-Chabad 8124 Delmar Blvd., University City 1996-Open
Congregation Beth Israel 1424 Belt Ave. 1930-1930
Congregation Beth Israel This congregation name had various spellings over the years.  
Congregation Beth Israel 1420 Biddle Ave. 1920-1929
Congregation Beth Israel 1910 – 921 N. 9th St. 1909-1910
Congregation Chai V’Sholom 6327 Clayton Rd., Richmond Heights 2006-Open
Congregation Kol Am 1415 Eldridge Payne Rd., Chesterfield 2006-Open
Congregation Kol Am 14455 Clayton Rd., Ballwin Unknown-2005
Congregation Kol HaNeshama 675 Meramec Dr., Castlewood Unknown-Open
Emanu El (see B’nai El Congregation) 1847-1852
Hillel Only information at this time is the clergy list 1946-1975
Knesseth Israel 5014 Kingshighway Blvd. 1930-1930s
Knesseth Israel 2739 Dayton Ave. 1920-1929
Mishgan Israel Congregation 1428 N. Garrison Ave. Unknown
Nathan Harris Congregation 1215 Glasgow Ave. Unknown
Neve Shalom 1040 Dautel Ln., Creve Coeur 1989-Open
Nusach Hari 1125 N. 11th St. 1930-1960
Nusach Hari 1401 Carr Ave. 1920-1929
Nusach Hari B’nai Zion 8630 Olive Blvd., Olivette 1960-Open
Reconstructionist Minyan of St. Louis 6300 Forsyth, Clayton Unknown-2004
Shaare Emeth Congregation 11645 Ladue Rd., Creve Coeur 2006-Open
Shaare Emeth Congregation 6890 Delmar Blvd., University City 1950s-2005
Shaare Emeth Congregation 3865 Lindell Blvd. 1930-1950s
Shaare Emeth Congregation Lindell Blvd. at Vandeventer Ave. 1896-1929
Shaare Emeth Congregation 17th St. & Pine Ave. 1883-1895
Shaare Emeth Congregation   1869-1882
Shaare Jerusalem 2112 Biddle St. Unknown
Shaare Zedek 4570 Page Blvd. 1913-Open
Shaare Zedek Page Ave. & West End Pl. 1907-1912
Shaare Zedek Vandeventer & Finney Aves. 1905-1906
Sha’arei Chesed 700 North & South Rd., University City Unknown-Open
Sharefth Zfard 11th St. at Franklin Ave 1886-1887
Sheerith Israel 9th St. at Franklin Ave. 1884-1885
Sheerith Israel 927 N. 6th St. 1883-1883
Sheerith Israel 926 N. 6th St. 1879-1882
Sheerith Israel 626 N. 6th St. 1877-1878
Sheerith Israel 6th St. between Franklin & Wash Aves. 1873-1876
Sheerith Israel   1868-1872
Sheerith S’Fard 1500 Wash Ave. 1906-1916
Sheerith S’Fard 921 N. 9th St. 1903-1905
Sheerith S’Fard 924 N. 9th St. 1902-1902
Sheerith S’Fard 715 Carr Ave. 1892-1901
Sheerith S’Fard 7th St. at Wash Ave. 1889-1891
Sheerith S’Fard This congregation name had various spellings over the years. 1887-1888
Sheerith Shephard 1025 N. 9th St. 1897-1899
Shirea T’hillim This congregation name had various spellings over the years.  
Shirea T’hillim 1300 Carr Ave. 1930-1930s
Shirea T’hillim 1501 Carr Ave. 1920-1929
Shirea T.hillim 13th St. at Carr Ave. 1906-1919
Sons of Benjamin 1006 N. 7th St. 1900-1904
Temple Emanuel 12166 Conway Rd., Creve Coeur 1956-Open
Temple Israel Ladue & Spoede Rds., Creve Coeur 1962-Open
Temple Israel 5001 Washington Ave. (Holy Corners) 1898-1961
Temple Israel Pine St. near Leffingwell Ave. 1888-1897
Temple Israel Washington at Jefferson Aves. 1886-1887
Temple of the Gates of Truth 17th & Pine Sts. 1872-1885
Tpheris Israel 931 N. 9th St. 1920-Unknown
Tpheris Israel 913 N. 9th St. 1910-1919
Tpheris Israel 9th St. & Wash Ave. 1902-1909
Tpheris Israel This congregation name had various spellings over the years.  
Tpheris Israel Chevra Kadisha 14550 Ladue Rd., Chesterfield Unknown-Open
Traditional Congregation 12437 Ladue Rd., Creve Coeur Unknown-Open
United Hebrew 13788 Conway Rd., Creve Coeur 2006-Open
United Hebrew 225 S. Skinker Blvd., Clayton 1927-2005
United Hebrew Kingshighway Blvd. near Enright 1920-1926
United Hebrew Kingshighway Blvd. near Von Versen 1914-1919
United Hebrew Kingshighway Blvd. near Enright Ave. 1903-1913
United Hebrew 21st St. & Olive Ave. 1880-1902
United Hebrew 418 N. 6th St. near St. Charles Ave. 1876-1979
United Hebrew 6th St. near St. Charles Ave. 1871-1875
United Hebrew 6th St. 1867-1870
United Hebrew 77 N. 6th St. 1864-1866
United Hebrew 420 N. 6th St. 1858-1863
Vaad Hoeir Only information at this time is the clergy list 1830-Unknown
Young Israel of St. Louis 8101 Delmar Blvd., University City Unknown-Open
Zephran David Congregation 1488 Belt Ave. Unknown-Unknown
Zephron David 2741 Dayton Ave. 1929-1930
Zephron David 2729 Dayton Ave. 1920-1929

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