This index extracts the associated places of origin of European immigrants, if given, from our congregation indexes. We index place names exactly as written, whether spelled incorrectly or placed in an incorrect administrative division. It is up to you, the researcher, to re-interpret the most likely correct place. Check back frequently because this European person/place index will expand as congregations are added to the website.

For both locations and surnames, German spelling has been Anglicized. An eszett “ß” in German is rendered here as a double “s.” For example Preußen becomes Prussia and Dißelmann becomes Disselmann. The German umlaut— ä, ö, ü—adds an extra “e”—ae, oe, ue—in English. For example, Württemberg becomes Wuerttemberg and Müller becomes Mueller. Any other languages also have been rendered into English.

Click here to go to the German page to access place name finding aids.

Instructions for Using This Index

Records in this index are sorted by surname. (To view this index sorted by location, click here.) The names in the Place Name column include locations mentioned in baptism, marriage, and death records from various St. Louis congregations. To use the index most effectively:

  • Search for your person by using the “Refine Search” button below.
  • Note the page and item number before clicking on the link, as some files contain many pages.
  • After viewing, saving, and/or printing the original record, come back to this page.
  • Notice the ending of the Source Code: b for baptism/d for death/m for marriage.
  • Click on the Source code link, which will take you to the particular congregation page.
  • Then, you can see which index your document came from and write your citation.
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