The street addresses and dates in the following index represent our best effort to provide accurate information. However, the reader should keep in mind that the information was compiled from a variety of sources including community and congregation histories and therefore some of the dates may be inconsistent.

For churches beginning with “Saint,” look under “St.”

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Any location not otherwise designated is in the City of St. Louis.

Congregation Location Approximate Dates
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Eureka 350 East 4th Street, Eureka
Central Avenue, Eureka
350 East 4th Street, Eureka
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Florissant 751 North Jefferson Street, Florissant 1893–
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Florissant [German] See Sacred Heart Catholic Church-Florissant 1866–1892
Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Valley Park 17 Ann Avenue, Valley Park 1883–
Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church 2830 North 25th Street 1899–1982
Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church [Irish] University & 20th 1871–1899
Saints of God Missionary Baptist Church 8610 Latty Avenue, Hazelwood 1960–
Salem Baptist Church, Florissant Coldwater Creek, Florissant 1841–
Salem Baptist Church, Florissant 19715 Old Jamestown Road, Florissant Before 1941–
Salem Evangelical & Reformed Church [ESNA] 3932 Shreve Avenue 1898–1962
Salem Evangelical Free Church [EFCA] 2480 Pohlman Road, Florissant 2001–
Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church 8343 Gravois Road, Affton 1909–
Salem Evangelical United Church of Christ [ESNA] 2490 Pohlmann Road, Florissant
3932 Shreve Avenue
Marcus and Margaretta Avenues
Salem German Methodist Episcopal Church Wash (Cole) Street & 11th
See Salem United Methodist Church
Salem in Ballwin Methodist Church 311 Manchester Road, Ballwin 1849–1920
Salem in Ballwin Methodist Episcopal Church Manchester Road, Ballwin 1837–1849
Salem in Ballwin United Methodist Church 14825 Manchester Road, Ballwin 1920–
Salem in Ladue United Methodist Church 1200 South Lindbergh Boulevard, Ladue 1958–
Salem Lutheran Church, Black Jack [LCMS] 5180 Parker Road, Black Jack 1851–
Salem Lutheran Church 5031 Lakewood Avenue 1909–
Salem Reformed Church Sullivan Avenue & 14th Street 1888–1949
Salem United Methodist Church (see Salem in Ladue United Methodist Church) 1908 North Kingshighway
4301 Page Boulevard
Wash (Cole) Street & 15th
Salt Covenant Baptist Church 800 Union Boulevard 2013–
Salvation Army Worship Center 3941 Forest Park Boulevard
Salvation Army Worship Center, Olivette 10740 Page Avenue, Olivette
Salvation Army Worship Center, Carondelet Citadel 3601 Weber Road
Salvation Army Worship Center, Gateway Citadel 824 Union Road, Affton
Salvation Army Worship Center, Maplewood Corps 7701 Rannells Avenue, Maplewood 1962–
Salvation Army Worship Center, Temple Corps 2740 Arsenal Street
Salvator Evangelical Church Plover & Thekla Avenues 1907–1951
Salvator United Church of Christ [ESNA] 5618 Thekla Avenue 1951–1979
Samaritan Methodist Episcopal Church 4168 West Belle Place
4234 Washington
Samuel Brown Temple AME Church 4400 Kennerly Avenue
Samuel Evangelical Church 8012 Maryland Avenue, Clayton 1905–1948
Samuel United Church of Christ [ESNA] 320 North Forsyth, Clayton 1948–
San Francisco Church of God Temple 4559 San Francisco Avenue 1965–2008
San Francisco Church of God Temple, Bellefontaine Neighbors 10191 Halls Ferry Road, Bellefontaine Neighbors 1982–
San Francisco Congregation Jehovah’s Witnesses 4559 San Francisco Avenue 2011–
Sanctified Baptist Church 312 McCullough Avenue, Kirkwood Before 1941–1988
Sappington Congregational Church 11735 Denny Road, Sappington 1889–1939
Scruggs Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 3682 Cook Avenue 1906–1925
Scruggs Memorial United Methodist Church 3443 Grace Avenue 1929–1998
Second Baptist Church, Kinloch 5508 Lyons Avenue, Kinloch 1948–1979
Second Baptist Church, Kirckwood Taylor & Monroe Street, Kirkwood 1878–1929
Second Baptist Church, Richmond Heights 9030 Clayton Road, Richmond Heights
500 North Kingshighway
Locust & Beaumont Street
6th & Locust Street
3rd & Chestnut Street
Second Christian Church 11th & Tyler 1888–1925
Second Church of Christ, Scientist, St. Louis 5807 Murdoch
4234 Washington Avenue
Second English Evangelical Church Alice Avenue & Grant Street 1911–1919
Second German Evangelical Church 1524 East Grand Boulevard 1906–
Second German Presbyterian Church 4522 North 19th 1875–1907
Second German Swedenborgian Church 2126 St. Louis Avenue 1883–1930
Second Missionary Baptist Church of Kinloch 5508 Rev. Dr. Earl Miller Street, Kinloch 1979–
Second New Golden Star Baptist Church 2857 Belt Street 2001–
Second New Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church 4216 Lexington Avenue 1999–
Second Presbyterian Church 4501 Westminster Place
17th & Lucas Place
5th (Broadway) & Walnut
Second Presbyterian Church 16th & Walnut Street 1864–1877
Second Union Methodist Church 6th Street (north of Franklin) 1869–1871
Second United Presbyterian Church Forest Park Boulevard & Grand Avenue 1923–1953
Seed Faith Word Ministries 4607 Virginia Avenue 1998–2002
Seven Holy Founders Catholic Church 6741 South Rockhill Road, Affton 1927–
Seventh Church of Christ, Scientist 6336 Tennessee Avenue 1930–1983
Shaare Emeth (see Congregation Shaare Emeth)
Shaare Jerusalem Jewish Synagogue 2112 Biddle Street 1930–
Shaare Zedek Jewish Synagogue 4568 Page Boulevard
4557 Cook Avenue
Vandeventer & Finney Avenues
Shaare Zedek Jewish Synagogue 829 North Hanley Road, University City 1952–2013
Sha’arei Chesed Shul Jewish Synagogue 700 North & South Road, University City 1996–
Shalom City of Peace Church, Berkley 6140 Garfield Avenue, Berkeley 1995–
Shalom City of Peace Church, Florissant 5491 North U.S. Highway 67, Florissant 2006–
Shaw Avenue Methodist Episcopal Church (see The Word at Shaw United Methodist) 4261 Shaw Avenue 1906–204
Sheerith Israel (see B’nai Amoona) 11th Street at Franklin Avenue
9th Street at Franklin Avenue
926 North 6th Street
626 North 6th Street
6th Street between Franklin & Wash Avenues
Sheerith S’Fard Jewish Temple [Orthodox] (This congregation name had various spellings over the years.) 1500 Washington Avenue
931 North 9th Street
1500 Wash Avenue
921 North 9th Street
924 North 9th Street
921 North 9th Street
715 Carr Avenue
7th Street at Wash Avenue
Sheerith Shephard 1025 North 9th Street 1897–1899
Shekiah Glory Ministries Church 1915 Dick Gregory Place 1997–
Shepard of the Hills Lutheran Church [ELCA] 11935 Natural Bridge Road, Bridgeton 1993–2005
Shepley Church of Christ [Autonomous] 1229 Shepley Drive, Bellefontaine Neighbors 1970–1990
Sherman Park Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses 5107 Wells Avenue 2008–2010
Sherwood Baptist Church 9220 Big Bend Boulevard, Webster Groves 1960–
Shiloh Church of God in Christ Church [COGIC] 2508 Salisbury 1969–1979
Shiloh Church of God in Christ Church [COGIC] 4100 Washington Boulevard 1970–
Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church 4373 Finney Avenue Before 1999–
Shining Light Full Gospel Tabernacle 7121 Manchester Road 1989–2003
Shir Hadash 2 Millstone Campus Drive, Creve Coeur 2011–
Shirea T’hillim Jewish Synagogue [Hebrew Orthodox] (This congregation name had various spellings over the years.) 1300 Carr Avenue
1501 Carr Avenue
13th Street at Carr Avenue
Shrewsbury Park Methodist Episcopal Church 1911–
Shrine of St. Joseph Catholic Church (see St. Joseph Catholic Church/Shrine of St. Joseph) 1979–
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